Thursday, November 28, 2013

We're back! 2014 Details and Registration information

Hi All...

After a long hiatus I'm happy to say that we're gearing up for yet another running of the Ragnarok 105. So... here are the details (at least the upper level ones... we'll try and shoot out more detailed info in the coming days and weeks):

When: APRIL 12th, 2014

Where: Start and Finish in Red Wing, using many of the cool roads in Goodhue and Wabasha Counties

What: Same old, same old. A roughly 105 mile (might be a bit longer) ride on mostly gravel roads up and down the valleys, over hill, over dale, etc. etc. There will be at least a few minimum maintenance road sections that may or may not be rideable depending on the conditions. We will give you cue sheets (if you aren't familiar with them, we'll make sure you understand them... very simple) that will get you from the start, to the checkpoints, and then back. We are running our checkpoints the same as previous years... we will publish the checkpoint location(s) and allow you to have support at those points. We WILL NOT carry any bags or supplies for you. We WILL NOT be your ride if your bike breaks down, you get lost, you run out of steam, etc. You WILL BE responsible for yourself. We will keep loose track of time and places, but this isn't meant to be an all out race.

How much?: Free, zero doll hairs...

Registration Details: We will be having a lottery again. Previous winners of the race (you know who you are) will get in if you send in a card. Everyone else will go into the big bag. Due to us wanting to keep our sanity, keep our costs down, and make sure that we can provide a good experience for the riders, we are capping the active roster at 105 riders again (this also jives with the likely available parking if the golf club opens back up as rumored). Starting now you can send in a POSTCARD to Jake. His address is as follows:

Ragnarok 105
c/o Jake Huot
1079 Putnam St
Red Wing, MN, 55066

The Postcard MUST have the following information:

Email Address

Here are a couple of things to keep our frustration down... we aren't always necessarily jerks, so we won't toss your card out, but still...

1) Write Legibly. If we can't read your name and email it will be hard to get you officially on the roster.
2) Don't send in a bunch of pieces of paper for you and your buddies in one envelope. They are NOT postcards.
3) Massive chunks of a box, while technically a postcard, can be annoying. If you are making your own hobo postcard please make it standard postcard size.

As stated, you can send your card in (one card per person) now. Your card must be postmarked by December 31st. Later than that... no dice. We'll draw the names on the weekend of the 4th probably, though we may wait until the 11th to make sure any cards that may be stuck in the postal process can get to us.

After the drawing, we will post up the roster and email the people that get drawn. This will be the official roster. We will also draw 25-30 folks to keep the roster filled as folks drop out. We'll keep the remaining cards in case there is a rash of drop outs.

If you have any questions, feel free to post up a comment. I may have forgotten something too... who knows.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thanks again!

Thanks again to all who participated in this years (fifth!) edition of our own little Spring "classic". Life happened this year, so maybe we haven't been as "bloggy" as previous years. The constant has been the high quality of riders which keeps us wanting to keep at it. So thanks!

Here is a folder of some pictures that a few of us took throughout the day. It's Larry's album, so hopefully I can link to it correctly. The pictures aren't all worthy of a Graham Watson-style calendar, but if you got lucky when you passed my dad's dying camera then you may have a picture!

Larry's Picture Album

As of now Ragnarok 2014 is going to be a go. With Easter falling on the 20th of April, we'll probably try and get on the calendar for the 12th of April.

There will probably be some changes. Potentially these changes include:

  • a slight increase in the number of entrants allowed (we're thinking 150, but the counties, and MNGC need to be ok with that)
  • new route
  • longer? (maybe we'll copycat the Almanzo formula a little and have a 175 mileish route option? this is a long shot, but it would get us out and exploring more which is what keeps me wanting to host the race every year)
  • all downhills, no uphills
  • I'm also looking into having some grilling going on at the finish if the golf course is still closed...
All of these are subject to not happen... just some of the things bouncing around my head. Feel free to make any suggestions you might have to make it better. As long as the tone isn't annoying we'll take any suggestion to heart and think it over. If it's just "let me in next year or I'll pout again" then, while still free to post up, the comment you get back may not be as thoughtful.

Thanks again! Have a great summer!

Oh... since we're the worst bang for our sponsors buck ever... here is a very belated thanks to our sponsors...

HED Wheels - Again... they get no fanfare. No real publicity. No big ads... and they donate amazing wheels. They are on my list of things to get if I ever try and actually upgrade my gravel/cross machine. And BOY what an upgrade they would be! Thanks HED!

Wheelhouse Cycles - Providing pre-registration and general moral support. Good guys. If you're in town stop by and see if Andrew has any recommendations for routes, or whatever... 

Twin Six - Cool jerseys and casual wear! (and bottles!). Twin Cities based and been supporting us for years. Thanks guys! 

Anyone else that I forgot because I generally am not good at the sponsorship thing?

Anyways... HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 Results

Results for the 2013 Ragnarok 105
OA Rider name Z-Falls L-City Finish MPH Time
1 Jesse LeLond 9:47 12:43 14:47 14.7 7:17
2 Josh Roesser 9:47 12:56 14:54 14.5 7:24
3 Charlie Schad 9:50 13:00 14:54 14.5 7:24
4 Drew Wilson 9:47 12:56 15:02 14.2 7:32
5 Sean Mailen 9:47 13:05 15:04 14.1 7:34
6 Charly Tri 9:53 13:17 15:31 13.3 8:01
7 Joe Meiser 9:50 13:15 15:42 13.0 8:12
8 Dave Meyer 9:47 13:15 16:09 12.4 8:39
9 Corey Schose-Tourino 10:41 13:15 16:17 12.2 8:47
10 Jon Kern 10:05 13:59 16:19 12.1 8:49
11 Heath Weisbrod 10:03 13:52 16:22 12.1 8:52
12 Phillip Carlton 10:05 13:59 16:26 12.0 8:56
13 Justin Pitts 10:13 14:05 16:29 11.9 8:59
14 Roger Karnopp 10:05 13:59 16:37 11.7 9:07
15 John Thompson 10:05 13:59 16:37 11.7 9:07
16 Abby Reuss 10:05 13:39 16:52 11.4 9:22
17 Sam St. Pierre 10:15 14:06 16:54 11.4 9:24
18 Andy Tetmeyer 10:22 14:22 16:57 11.3 9:27
19 Dave Pramann 10:20 14:29 16:59 11.3 9:29
20 Brandt Elson 10:11 14:11 17:03 11.2 9:33
21 Eddie Karow 10:13 14:16 17:06 11.1 9:36
22 Dave Strachen 10:16 14:43 17:14 11.0 9:44
23 Dan Dittmer 10:22 14:50 17:18 10.9 9:48
24 Mike Criego 10:22 14:50 17:18 10.9 9:48
25 Grant Braasch 10:22 14:48 17:18 10.9 9:48
26 Bruce Anderson 10:11 14:43 17:23 10.8 9:53
27 Ray Nickles 10:15 14:30 17:25 10.8 9:55
28 Parker Roefanz 10:20 14:43 17:35 10.6 10:05
29 Megan Barr 10:20 14:43 17:36 10.6 10:06
30 Martin Rudnick 10:13 15:09 17:37 10.6 10:07
31 Mark Seaburg 10:43 15:13 17:55 10.3 10:25
32 Derek Chinn 10:33 14:50 17:55 10.3 10:25
33 Neil Cary 10:43 15:14 18:12 10.0 10:42
34 Andy Peterson 10:33 15:23 18:14 10.0 10:44
35 John Hoch 10:41 15:38 18:14 10.0 10:44
36 Ray Jick 10:33 15:21 18:19 9.9 10:49
37 Keith Peterson 10:33 15:21 18:19 9.9 10:49
38 Jorge Odio 10:33 15:12 18:35 9.7 11:05
39 Mara Larson 10:44 15:35 18:48 9.5 11:18
40 Joe Clark 10:41 15:23 18:49 9.5 11:19
41 Ed Matthiesen 11:00 15:45 19:01 9.3 11:31
42 Jim Smith 11:00 15:45 19:05 9.2 11:35
43 Larry Kirch 10:57 15:45 19:05 9.2 11:35
44 Brian Dukek 10:46 16:04 19:19 9.1 11:49
45 Bob Shepherd 10:57 15:53 19:22 9.0 11:52
46 Kalli Phillips 11:30 16:23 19:26 9.0 11:56
47 Max Dingemans 11:11 16:25 19:30 8.9 12:00
48 Ken Early 11:11 16:25 19:30 8.9 12:00
49 Lisa Thompson 10:48 15:15      
50 Nick Gibbons 10:57 15:15      
51 Bobby Vigil 10:48 15:30      
52 Matt Dorsett 10:52 15:30      
53 Benjamin Cox 9:50        
54 Marcus Warrington 10:06        
55 Jeff Penman 10:07        
56 James Rosane 10:07        
57 Robert Held 10:07        
58 TC Worley 10:20        
59 Paul Buchanan 10:23        
60 Boyd Hansen 10:41        
61 Denise Ward 10:41        
62 Chris Graham 10:46        
63 Scott Redd 10:47        
64 Loretta Travino 12:17        
65 Jessica Baltzey          
66 Kevin Doyle          
67 Oscar Uribe          
68 Donald Clark          

King of the mountains
# Rider 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
44 Jesse LaLonde 2 2 6 6 6 6 28
86 Drew Wilson 4 4 4 4 4 4 24
49 Dave Meyer 3 0 3 3 2 3 14
84 Heath Weisbrod 6 6 0 0 0 0 12
63 Josh Roesser 1 0 2 2 0 2 7
46 Sean Mailen 0 0 1 0 3 1 5
64 James Rosane 0 3 0 0 0 0 3
19 Benjamin Cox 0 1 0 1 0 0 2
67 Charlie Schad 0 0 0 0 1 0 1

Friday, April 12, 2013

Riders ready......

I hope everyone is ready to go for tomorrow.

We didn't get as much snow as others and as of Thursday night, the gravel I saw was mostly clear, but wet. I am guessing no records will be broken this year, but it should be a great adventure for all. It's likely the minimum maintenance sections will still have snow/ice on them, but the colder temps may keep them pretty solid and somewhat ride-able.

There is early registration tonight at Wheelhouse Cycles from 7:00 to 8:30.

Location and timeline info for the event 

There will be a single porta-potty at the start/finish. If you aren't into waiting in line, try and address those needs on your way to the event.

Mississippi National Golf Links is closed this year, so the building and the bar will not be open after the event.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A few reminders and additional info.

A few reminders 

  • First and foremost, we expect you to be responsible for yourself. Don't ride beyond your ability and have a plan in case things go wrong.
  • This event isn't very fancy pants. We hope the roads and the adventure make up for our lack of professionalism. 
  • We generally put this event on for the folks who are looking for a fun day on the bike. We enjoy you fast guys (and gals) at the front and hope you enjoy the event, but please don't take it too seriously. 
  • This event takes place on some roads that don't normally see many bikes. You may get honked at, you may get chased by a dog and you may come face to grill with drivers that use the whole road. Be sure you expect those things and you won't have any issues. 
  • Please represent cyclists well. Don't blow through stop signs or take a nature break in view of folks.
  • We can't do drop bags for you, sorry. But, you shouldn't have a problem finding someone else who can bring something to a checkpoint for you.
  • We won't be able to give you a ride back to Red Wing. Be sure to have someone in mind to help you out if you or your bike isn't up to the task.
  • You must wear a helmet during the event.
  • Here is a google map with some important locations marked. Let's be sure knowing where the local hospitals are isn't needed.


  • There are two checkpoints. One in Zumbro Falls and one in Lake City. These are the only places you are permitted to get support from someone not biking in the event. Both towns have convenience stores right on the route.
  • At the checkpoints we will record your number and time and give you a new sheet of cue notes.
  • Each checkpoint has a cut off time. If you don't arrive to a checkpoint before that time, you won't be given a set of notes for the next leg and you will be officially out of the event. 
  • Cut off times are based on an average speed of about 9.5mph or the speed it would take you to complete the whole event in 12 hours. 
  • We are going to resurrect the King of the Mountains competition this year.
  • The first 6 major climbs will count towards this, the most prestigious award this side of Zumbrota.
  • We will score each of the first 5 riders across the line at each location.  
  • We are going to do a "mountain top" finish again this year for the first 5 or so overall finishers. 
  • It will be on the last climb of the course, approx 3 miles from the start/finish area
  • All riders after the first 5 or so will be scored back at the start/finish.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Start location and timetable

We are quickly approaching 1 month out. I hope everyone is ready to go.

We will be able to use Mississippi National Golf Links again this year as the start/finish. But, since the course is not in operation this year, the club house will be closed and we won't have permission for drinking alcohol in the parking lot. There will be a single toilet hut, but only 1, so I would recommend planning on making a stop before arriving.

For anyone new to using the cue sheets to navigate, here is a primer.

Notable dates and times for this year's event:  

April 3rd, midnight 
  The deadline for withdrawal from this year's event without penalty. 

April 12th, 7:00 - 8:30pm
  Early sign in at Wheelhouse Cycles (1932 Old West Main street, Red Wing, MN)

Day of:
  6:15am Sign in opens
  7:15am Sign in closes
  7:20am Rider meeting
  7:30am Riders depart
  11:45am Cut-off for Zumbro Falls (@ 36 miles)
  4:45pm Cut-off for Lake City (@ 82 miles)
  7:30pm Cut-off for finish (@ 107 miles)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Start list

Here is the final start list for the 2013 event.

Bruce Anderson
Tim Andrew
Curt Arrigoni
David Asp
Carl Bakker
Jessica Baltzley
Megan Barr
William Bates
Pete Bell
Grant Braasch
Paul Buchanan
Marko Carlson
Ryan Carlson
Philip Carlton
Neil Cary
Derek Chinn
Donald Clark
Joe Clark
Benjamin Cox
Mike Criego
Bob Dahl
Max Dingemans
Dan Dittmer
Matt Dorsett
Kevin Doyle
Thomas Driscoll
Brian Dukek
Ken Earley
Brandt Elson
James Foley
Tiffany Foley
Jason Gaines
Nick Gibbons
Justus Gibson
Chris Graham
Robert Held
John Hoch
Dave Hoglund
Ryan Horkey
Ray Jick
Alan Jones
Roger Karnopp
Eddie Karow
Jon Kern
Larry Kirch
Greg Knoll
Brandon Krawczyk
Jesse LaLonde
Mara Larson
Sean Mailen
Ed Matthiesen
Joe Meiser
Dave Meyer
Ethan Moore
Teresa Moriarty
Ray Nickles
Jorge Odio
Jeff Penman
Andy Peterson
Keith Peterson
Kalli Phillips
Justin Pitts
Dave Pramann
Kaveh Rahimi
Scott Redd
Parker Roenfanz
Josh Roesser
James Rosane
Martin Rudnick
Abby Ruess
Matthew Sanders
Larry Sauber
Charlie Schad
Corey Schose-Tourino
Mark Seaburg
Bob Shepherd
Jim Smith
Kathleen Sprole
Brett Stepanik
Sam St. Pierre
Ian Stanford
Dave Strachen
Andy Tetmeyer
John Thompson
Lisa Thompson
Loretta Trevino
Charly Tri
Oscar Uribe
Bobby Vigil
Denise Ward
Marcus Warrington
Nick Watts
Heath Weisbrod
Michael Wenzel
Quinn Williams
Drew Wilson
TC Worley

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drawing is complete

We have completed the drawing for this year's event and have notified everyone drawn via email (there are a couple riders with rejected email addresses, if your on the list and didn't get and email send me a message). I will work on getting a list of reserves posted so you know where you are at on that list. We normally end up adding about 10-15 folks from the reserves list.

If you were drawn, but cannot make it, please let us know as soon as possible. Since we have to turn folks away, anyone who takes a spot and does not ride and does not withdraw by the deadline will likely not be allowed in for future events.

Please remember that this event takes place in mid April and the weather can easily be cold and rainy. If that is not your kind of biking weather, please release your spot for someone else. There are several other fantastic events later in the year when the weather is more kind.