Monday, March 25, 2013

A few reminders and additional info.

A few reminders 

  • First and foremost, we expect you to be responsible for yourself. Don't ride beyond your ability and have a plan in case things go wrong.
  • This event isn't very fancy pants. We hope the roads and the adventure make up for our lack of professionalism. 
  • We generally put this event on for the folks who are looking for a fun day on the bike. We enjoy you fast guys (and gals) at the front and hope you enjoy the event, but please don't take it too seriously. 
  • This event takes place on some roads that don't normally see many bikes. You may get honked at, you may get chased by a dog and you may come face to grill with drivers that use the whole road. Be sure you expect those things and you won't have any issues. 
  • Please represent cyclists well. Don't blow through stop signs or take a nature break in view of folks.
  • We can't do drop bags for you, sorry. But, you shouldn't have a problem finding someone else who can bring something to a checkpoint for you.
  • We won't be able to give you a ride back to Red Wing. Be sure to have someone in mind to help you out if you or your bike isn't up to the task.
  • You must wear a helmet during the event.
  • Here is a google map with some important locations marked. Let's be sure knowing where the local hospitals are isn't needed.


  • There are two checkpoints. One in Zumbro Falls and one in Lake City. These are the only places you are permitted to get support from someone not biking in the event. Both towns have convenience stores right on the route.
  • At the checkpoints we will record your number and time and give you a new sheet of cue notes.
  • Each checkpoint has a cut off time. If you don't arrive to a checkpoint before that time, you won't be given a set of notes for the next leg and you will be officially out of the event. 
  • Cut off times are based on an average speed of about 9.5mph or the speed it would take you to complete the whole event in 12 hours. 
  • We are going to resurrect the King of the Mountains competition this year.
  • The first 6 major climbs will count towards this, the most prestigious award this side of Zumbrota.
  • We will score each of the first 5 riders across the line at each location.  
  • We are going to do a "mountain top" finish again this year for the first 5 or so overall finishers. 
  • It will be on the last climb of the course, approx 3 miles from the start/finish area
  • All riders after the first 5 or so will be scored back at the start/finish.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Start location and timetable

We are quickly approaching 1 month out. I hope everyone is ready to go.

We will be able to use Mississippi National Golf Links again this year as the start/finish. But, since the course is not in operation this year, the club house will be closed and we won't have permission for drinking alcohol in the parking lot. There will be a single toilet hut, but only 1, so I would recommend planning on making a stop before arriving.

For anyone new to using the cue sheets to navigate, here is a primer.

Notable dates and times for this year's event:  

April 3rd, midnight 
  The deadline for withdrawal from this year's event without penalty. 

April 12th, 7:00 - 8:30pm
  Early sign in at Wheelhouse Cycles (1932 Old West Main street, Red Wing, MN)

Day of:
  6:15am Sign in opens
  7:15am Sign in closes
  7:20am Rider meeting
  7:30am Riders depart
  11:45am Cut-off for Zumbro Falls (@ 36 miles)
  4:45pm Cut-off for Lake City (@ 82 miles)
  7:30pm Cut-off for finish (@ 107 miles)