Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Registration "Details" - or semi-details

Hi All -

Long time no type.

Anyways... We here at Ragnarok Central are happy to be in the "gettin' things ready" phase of next year's Ragnarok 105ish.

Quick bullet points since my brain works in little chunks and not rolling soliloquies:

  • The big day will be April 9th. Starting time will almost certainly be 7:30.
  • Planned starting location is the Mississippi National Golf Links, but that has yet to be confirmed (to be fair I haven't asked yet)
  • Any previous winner who submits a valid postcard will be in
  • Anyone who has shown up for every edition and who submits a valid postcard will be in (this is about 6-10 people... the actual finishers of everyone is smaller)
  • Everyone else will get thrown into a lottery.
  • With the % of no-shows, and the odds of early golf not being too great... I think we'll cap the roster at 150 folks. Note... this is about the size that gives me a bit of heart burn but not an ulcer... We will not expand in the foreseeable future.
  • Entering this race will still be free.
  • "Real Life" takes precedence and is crazy at the moment (only to get crazier), so course will be similar to, if not the very same as the previous two years. If work and home permit, we may try and change up a few small things just to make people use their cue sheets instead of a previous Garmin map or memory
What am I missing? Oh... Registration Details:

I'll have another post (we'll try and be more active leading up to April this year) with firm details, but quick summary... 

Postcards will be accepted from the day after Thanksgiving until December 31 (postmarked date). We'll have a new address to send them to, which will be detailed out in a couple of weeks.

Feel free to post up if you have any thoughts, concerns, questions, etc.