Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thanks again!

Thanks again to all who participated in this years (fifth!) edition of our own little Spring "classic". Life happened this year, so maybe we haven't been as "bloggy" as previous years. The constant has been the high quality of riders which keeps us wanting to keep at it. So thanks!

Here is a folder of some pictures that a few of us took throughout the day. It's Larry's album, so hopefully I can link to it correctly. The pictures aren't all worthy of a Graham Watson-style calendar, but if you got lucky when you passed my dad's dying camera then you may have a picture!

Larry's Picture Album

As of now Ragnarok 2014 is going to be a go. With Easter falling on the 20th of April, we'll probably try and get on the calendar for the 12th of April.

There will probably be some changes. Potentially these changes include:

  • a slight increase in the number of entrants allowed (we're thinking 150, but the counties, and MNGC need to be ok with that)
  • new route
  • longer? (maybe we'll copycat the Almanzo formula a little and have a 175 mileish route option? this is a long shot, but it would get us out and exploring more which is what keeps me wanting to host the race every year)
  • all downhills, no uphills
  • I'm also looking into having some grilling going on at the finish if the golf course is still closed...
All of these are subject to not happen... just some of the things bouncing around my head. Feel free to make any suggestions you might have to make it better. As long as the tone isn't annoying we'll take any suggestion to heart and think it over. If it's just "let me in next year or I'll pout again" then, while still free to post up, the comment you get back may not be as thoughtful.

Thanks again! Have a great summer!

Oh... since we're the worst bang for our sponsors buck ever... here is a very belated thanks to our sponsors...

HED Wheels - Again... they get no fanfare. No real publicity. No big ads... and they donate amazing wheels. They are on my list of things to get if I ever try and actually upgrade my gravel/cross machine. And BOY what an upgrade they would be! Thanks HED!

Wheelhouse Cycles - Providing pre-registration and general moral support. Good guys. If you're in town stop by and see if Andrew has any recommendations for routes, or whatever... 

Twin Six - Cool jerseys and casual wear! (and bottles!). Twin Cities based and been supporting us for years. Thanks guys! 

Anyone else that I forgot because I generally am not good at the sponsorship thing?