Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The 2020 Postcard Post

Hello All -

So we're back on again for 2020! Pretty much the same details as always...

What: Ragnarok 105
When: April 18, 2020 (hoping for no blizzards this weekend!)

Where: Red Wing, MN


We're going to be doing registration pretty much the same as we always have. We will be capping the registration at 150 riders as we have the last couple of years, and will be utilizing a lottery, again as we have in the past. Unless less than 150 folks send in their postcard... if that is the case if you properly get a postcard into our hands then you'll be in.

Where do you send the postcard? This year we're actually going to have you send the cards in to Jake, so if you are local to Denver, CO maybe you can drop them off... otherwise here is his address:

Ragnarok 105 
c/o Jake Huot
1243 Adams Street
Denver, CO 80206

Some "rules" for the cards:

1) Try to have them actually be post cards. They aren't that hard to find. Much easier for us to manage.
2) One postcard per person. If you start to send in multiple cards they will all be thrown out.
3) Don't send in a card for anyone but yourself. A key point of this event is that as a rider you are responsible for yourself. This begins with the post card. (Note... obviously we won't be able to tell if your significant others or kid sent in a card for you, but if we get 6 cards for you and your friends in the same pen, same handwriting, all at the same time... that isn't cool... again a postcard isn't that hard).
4)Make sure your handwriting is legible.

On the card need to be three things:

email address
"I am responsible for myself"

Postcards will be received starting Black Friday (November 29, 2019) and must be postmarked by December 31, 2019.

To let the straggler cards in we'll probably do the lottery on or around January 11.

Any questions? Post them up here (or however you want to try and contact us... we have a facebook page... instagram... etc...)

Thanks - Isaac

Monday, November 11, 2019

Get those Postcards Ready!

The traditional post-Thanksgiving registration open is fast approaching! Details will follow about where and what to send to get your name on the lottery list. But we always open things up the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Reminder for folks though that may have missed it:

Ragnarok 2020 - April 18, 2020
Same start/finish. My intention is always to change up the course in minor ways to force people to actually navigate but kids, work, and the weather generally conspire to cause me to hit the easy button and use the tried and true course and notes. No guarantees that your old GPS file will be accurate!

Thanks and talk to you soon!


Sunday, April 7, 2019

2019 Results!!!

I'll probably try and organize some thoughts in a few days... but more important than that...


2019 MEN'S CHAMPION - Rick Curtis!!!


Great job to everyone that showed up though. It was pretty chilly and wet at the start and for the first couple of hours.

Let me know if anything is out to lunch (other than my wonky formatting).

Place Bib Rider Time (H:MM)
1 442 Rick Curtis 6:06
2 405 Josh Molnar 6:07
3 429 Nathan Wentz 6:30
4 445 Danny Whipple 6:33
5 425 Scott Ehlers 7:03
5 466 Dan Naef 7:03
7 437 Steve Yore 7:17
8 446 Kyle Sobota 7:19
9 452 Scott Hippen 7:29
10 401 Chap Achen 7:36
11 455 Lukas Eklund 7:36
12 444 Luke Wood 7:36
13 453 Ben Oney 7:36
14 394 Shane Maxwell 7:56
*15* 433 Lindsay Wentz 8:05
16 430 Kyle Davis 8:10
17 450 Caruso Shanafelt 8:12
18 409 Ray Nickles 8:13
19 449 Todd Shanafelt 8:13
20 482 Dan Novak 8:25
21 408 Craig Braun 8:25
22 491 Dennis Dresler 8:39
23 468 Mike Campbell 8:44
24 428 Chelsea Strate 8:45
25 422 Ted Clausen 8:45
26 441 Erin Ayala 8:46
27 439 Michael Groskreutz 8:54
28 440 Scott Stroeing 8:54
29 479 Charles Denis 8:54
30 419 Dave Bucholtz 8:55
31 427 Rob Mossimann 8:56
32 435 Alan Eastlund 8:57
33 434 Grant Braasch 8:57
34 471 Charles Parsons 9:01
35 472 Trenton Raygor 9:01
36 469 Matt O'Laughlin 9:03
37 470 Justin Kremer 9:03
38 458 Thomas Erickson 9:04
39 424 Jonas Nygaard 9:04
40 465 Scott Klein 9:07
41 474 Joe Clark 9:07
42 415 Eddie Karow 9:08
43 457 Todd Watchwaker 9:08
44 464 David Strachan 9:09
45 443 David Pollitt 9:12
46 461 Nick McCulloch 9:12
47 460 Henry Braun 9:26
48 426 Jay Schneider 9:45
49 478 Meredith Rambow 9:46
50 400 Andy Weinzierl 9:50
51 396 Chris Symons 9:50
52 414 Joel Benton 9:51
53 459 Nate Brennaman 9:53
54 475 Randy Brendal 10:13
55 483 Alexandera Houchin 10:13
56 432 Chad Myhre 10:24
57 448 Tim Lupfer 10:26
58 454 Paul Fickle 10:28
59 406 Greg Ivey 10:40
60 456 Dan Funke 10:40
61 462 Char Psihos 10:41
62 487 Svetlana Vold 10:41
63 484 Dave Katzmann 10:43
64 417 Nick Lanners 10:44
65 410 Shawn Cotter 11:23
66 411 John Hoch 11:23
67 423 Luke Brager 11:39
68 477 Michael Landreville 11:39
69 421 Jim Garrett 11:39
70 397 Kai Schutte 12:25
71 416 Kristine Benjamin 12:25
72 485 Nicholas Quinn 12:25

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Two weeks to go!

Two weeks to go. If I can believe the forecast (both meteorological and river level) I think the course should actually be pretty good. The MMRs most likely will be quagmires, but nothing that vets won't be used to. The roads themselves are awesome right now.

I'm still monitoring the Zumbro and will be ready to make some major adjustments if need be.

I'll be confirming a few things this week, but for those of you who come down Friday night, assume the same plan as always and that night before check-in will be available if you'd like. Most likely 7:30-9:30 or something. Just need to confirm location.

On the big day we'll be set up around 6 am in the LOWER lot of Mississippi National Golf Links. Try and park nice. If the weather stays warm there is at least a non-zero chance that the course could be open... they are happy to have us, but I also want to affect their day as little as possible (unless people are heading in for beer/food/etc.).

Please be checked in by 7:15 or so. We'll have some last minute announcements and then try and start as close to 7:30 as possible. Neutral roll out until we hit gravel.

For those that are new to the event know that we hit the first climb of the day pretty much from the start. This strings things out pretty well, but please be mindful of everyone around you as you begin your descent. It can be a little squirrely and there tends to be random animals wandering around at the base of the hill.

Some notes:

1) The weather and work has kept me from making my normal multiple drives/walks/rides of the course to triple check the cue sheets. This MAY mean we just go with the "standard" course. I'm sure most of you will probably actually like that, and any changes made to the course would really only be to make the Garmin files that are out there obsolete and wrong. We pretty much hit the areas and climbs that I want to showcase....
2) There are a lot of hills and descents. Please ride within yourself! When going around corners or approaching the tops of hills be aware that any oncoming car cannot see you either and will definitely not really be expecting to see you. Ride to the right. Ride safe. Ride smart.
3) Don't litter. The quiet roads that we love to ride may have the random Busch Light suitcase in the ditch, but try and keep the litter to just that. Also, if you happen to need to use the bathroom please don't do it right in front of someone's house. There are plenty of remote places to go #1 (or 2!).
4) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF! What does this mean? This is an organized ride but we require you to sign a waiver stating that you are responsible for yourself and we mean it. Are you lost? Figure it out. Bike break down? Legs break down? Etc Etc. Have a plan! We cannot be everyone's support vehicle. Obviously we know the area well and will do what we can, but you need to be aware of what is going on and have a plan if things don't go as planned.
5) We require you to have a helmet and prefer you to also have blinky lights.
6) CHECKPOINTS! Zumbro Falls and Lake City are the checkpoints again. Feel free to have someone there with support. These are the two places that we allow outside support. Both towns have convenience stores to use for restocking food and water if need be. The past couple of years there have been no port-a-potties in either place (and in LC the bathroom has been locked). So, if you need the facilities, again CONVENIENCE STORE!
7) Checkpoints part two - PLEASE SLOW DOWN IN/THROUGH THE CHECKPOINT! It makes our day much less stressful if we can easily see your number, write it down, and know roughly where you are.
8) Cue Sheets... I'll resurrect the post on how to read them. Each leg of the ride fits on an 8x11 sheet. We fold them in quarters and voila... easy to stash/clip/read tulip notes.

Post up any questions you might have...

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Official Waitlist - Sorry!

I always feel bad about the waitlist... but I get terrified trying to keep track of everything with more and more people out on the roads, so I don't know that we're going to grow anytime soon... So without further ado... the waitlist.

Historically we have had a lot more drops than we have this year. And this year we have more snow, so I don't know if everyone has a fat bike and is getting extra fit or what...

Please let me know if you cannot make it on the 6th! The people on this list would really appreciate it!

Tina Olson
Brian Bernard
Sam Tobias
Brett Sloma
Cody Condon
Ted Loosen
Mike Lee
Jared Lewis
Thomas Woods
Erica Mueller
Brenton Jaynes
Matt Christianson
Brad Birkholz

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Official Roster for 2019 - updated 4/4 - FINAL ROSTER

UPDATED 3/27/19 8:29 PM

PLEASE LET ME KNOW via email if you have to drop out.

So... without further rambling (this time in alphebetical order of LAST name):

Chap Achen
Carmen Aiken
Eric Applen
Daniel Ayala
Erin Ayala
Steve Bailey
Rob Belz
Joel Benton
Sam Berkland
Brian Bernard
Keith Bianchi
Brad Birkholz
Joe Black
Grant Braasch
Luke Brager
Henry Braun
Craig Braun
Randy Brendal
Nate Brennaman
Dave Bucholtz
Brian Buelow
Mike Campbell
John Carline
Philip Carlton
Paul Carroll
Michelle Carter
Rob Chose
Matt Christianson
Joe Clark
Ted Clausen
Colleen Click
Cody Condon
Shawn Cotter
Rick Curtis
Kyle Davis
Steven Deckert
Charles Denis
Dennis Dresler
Brian Dukek
Alan Eastlund
Scott Ehlers
Nate Eide
Nicole Eikenberry
Lukas Eklund
Mark Engen
Thomas Erickson
Hurl Evertone
Johanna Ficatier
Paul Fickle
Todd Foster
Maggie Fournier
Richard Franco
Jeff Frane
Dan Funke
Josh Gamble
Jim Garrett
Chris Gauron
Dennis Grelk
Michael Groskreutz
Trisha Groth
Leah Gruhn
Aaron Halfaker
John Hammje
Robert Hest
Scott Hippen
John Hoch
Timothy Hoffard
Ian Hoogendam
Alexandera Houchin
Emily Houser
Risa Hustad
Greg Ivey
Brenton Jaynes
Brian Johnson
Mike Johnson
Amanda Jorgenson
Jacob Jungers
Eddie Karow
Dave Katzmann
James Kauth
Jon Kern
Scott Klein
Justin Kremer
Matthew Kurke
Brent Kvittem
Craig Laing
Michael Landreville
Nick Lanners
Matt Lawrence
Mike Lee
Nick Lemke
Jared Lewis
Ted Loosen
Jon Loye
Tim Lupfer
Bob Lyng
Gabe Masiulis
Chris Matthews
Shane Maxwell
Fred Mayer
Nick McCulloch
Kent McDaniel
Garry McFarlane
Joe Meiser
Jere Mohr
Josh Molnar
Marcos Montano
Ron Moore
Rob Mossimann
Brady Mueller
Erica Mueller
Chad Myhre
Dan Naef
Andrew Nepsund
Ray Nickles
Andrew Novak
Dan Novak
Jonas Nygaard
Matt O'Laughlin
Tina Olson
Jeff O'Neill
Ben Oney
Charles Parsons
Jeff Pettes
David Pollitt
Char Psihos
Nicholas Quinn
Meredith Rambow
Bryce Rasussen
Trenton Raygor
Franz Rinkleff
Benjamin Roshko
Lisa Rowenhorst
Larry Sauber
Jay Schneider
Kai Schutte
Caruso Shanafelt
Todd Shanafelt
Patrick Sheedy
Jason Sheldrake
Corey Shouse
Jeff Shupe
Brett Sloma
Kyle Sobota
Steve Soltis
Bob Stoltz
David Strachan
Chelsea Strate
Ryan Stringfield
Scott Stroeing
Chris Symons
Benjamin Tallin
Christopher Tallin
Sam Tobias
Derek Van De Velde
Jeremie Van Ryswyk
Svetlana Vold
Paul Warner
Todd Watchwaker
John Weatherhead
Matt Webb
Isaac Weeks
Andy Weinzierl
Nathan Wentz
Lindsay Wentz
Danny Whipple
Robert Williams
Kurtis Wilson
Drew Wilson
Stephen Wilson
Charles Wolf
Luke Wood
Thomas Woods
Jerry Wright
Steven Yore
Lee Zettler