Friday, November 30, 2018

Postcards are rolling in

A few handfuls of postcards have started to trickle in. I'll get them entered in hopefully by Sunday night and post up here so if you sent in a card you'll know that I got it. So far so good on people following the rules! Thanks!

The roads are riding nice and fast at the moment! Some spots where studs are nice to have, lots of spots where they are not needed (though if you hit a spot where they are needed and you don't have them... hold on!). Last weekend one particular MMR climb (that isn't on the standard route, but has been included at least once) was ditch to ditch glare ice on the last 1/3... once it got kicked up the only option was riding in the ditch. So just be aware that the conditions change fast out there nowadays. Snow in the forecast for tomorrow/Sunday so it'll be even more variable after that!

Get out and enjoy fresh air and gravel!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

It is almost that time again!

Postcard lottery entry window opens up on Black Friday. So this year it is November 23. I'll need them POSTMARKED by Dec. 31. No exceptions.

For a properly submitted entry....:


  • Your Name
  • Your email address
  • "I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MYSELF" (need not be in all caps, people miss this somehow and it frustrates me)
2) On a standard postcard! I'm not so picky that a square postcard gets thrown out, but I don't want to see a bunch of hacked up beer cases or cereal boxes. I like that you want to save planet earth, but just drop it off in recycling and spend $0.50 on a darn card.

3) If any card is delivered with postage due, the person that sends said card will never be allowed into the race again. Seriously... find some change under the car seat and get it right.

4) My address:

Ragnarok 105 c/o
Isaac Giesen
5595 Cannondale Court
Red Wing, MN  55066

Race details:

1) April 6th. Starting and ending at Mississippi National Golf Course. Red Wing, MN
2) Unless we have a blizzard the week of the event that dumps feet of snow on the course, it will be back to it's normal MMR filled goodness. I loved starting late and ending early due to the shortened course last year, but it ultimately wasn't the same (not that it wasn't good).
3) It is my every intention to change up the course slightly from the "standard" course. I am very old fashioned and dislike people just using their GPS to tell them where to go. There will be new cue sheets.
4) As of right now, I'm intending to cap the roster at 150 people. If we receive more than 150 cards, we will draw postcards and fill out the roster in that way. It's always a pain in the rear end, but for cards that are received by the cut off time (not a day later) and not pulled in the lottery, we will have a waiting list. Historically gobs of people drop out for various reasons, so usually people can ride if they want to.
5) We're still a free event. I may get insurance (haven't yet, and luckily haven't needed it) but regardless 2019 will be free free free.

There are probably a bunch of things I'm missing... but those are the pertinent details. Feel free to shoot me a question/concern/etc. at if you have one.