Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two days to get your card postmarked!

Just two days to get your card postmarked so you can get in the lottery.

I'll probably wait until January 7th or so to actually do the lottery (assuming we get over 150 cards) just to make sure we don't miss any one.

At this time, I won't be accepting any late cards or email grovels this year. I tried to accomodate as many folks as possible last year and (mainly due to my own bad organizational skills) it became a headache keeping things straight. Depending on how the last bit goes maybe I'll come up with something, but not a given.

Have a great rest of the year 2016 and a boffo start to 2017!

Friday, December 23, 2016

List of Lottery Entrants

**Update** The final list of entrants... deciding if I bother with the lottery pomp and circumstance or just let everyone in. I know for a fact that 20-30 people will invariably dropout before the day... so we'll always end up below the 150

To those that sent in a card late. You'll get put on the waiting list and I'll pop you onto the roster as people drop off.


in alphabetical order of your last name:

Abel, Matthew
Anderson, Bruce
Anderson, Jon
Backman, Daniel
Bakker, Carl
Barr, Megan
Bell, Pete
Belz, Rob
Benton, Joel
Berhane, Hanah
Berkland, Sam
Birkemeier, Ryan
Braasch, Grant
Brown, Derek
Bushendorf, Jeff
Bushinski, Mark
Callas, Bill
Carey, Andrew
Carlton, Philip
Carroll, Paul
Cary, Neal (O)
Casey, Mike
Clark, James
Clausen, Ted
Condon, Cody
Cotter, Shawn
Cox, Ben
Cure, Bob
Curtis, Rick
Dana, Kevin
Davis, Kyle
Deckert, Steven
DeMars, Joe
Denis, Charles
Denis, Matt
Dingemans, Max
Donovan, Jack
Doom, Ben
Dorow, Linda
Dresler, Dennis
Earley, Ken
Egbers, John
Eikenberry, Nicole
Eising, Scott
Eklund, Lukas
El Medkouri, Mohammed
Elson, Brandt
Engen, Mark
Engen, Matt
Erickson, Thomas
Estes, Lynn (???)
Everstone, Hurl
Fetzer, Matt
Foster, Todd
Fournier, Maggy
Funke, Dan
Gaffke, Dustin
Greenwaldt, Tyler
Gruhn, Leah
Hamlin, Joe
Hathaway, Eric
Haye, Jeff
Hedin, Cory
Hest, Robert
Hey, Ben
Hippen, Scott
Hoffard, Timothy
Hoogendam, Ian
Hunter, Melissa
Johnson, Kirk
Karnopp, Roger
Karow, Eddie
Kern, Jon
Kies, Scott
Knox, Dave
Kueffer, Dan
Kueffer, Fred
Lalonde, Mark
Landreville, Michael
Larson, Mara
Lee, Mike
Lewis, Jared
Lewis, Tim
Lien, Brent
Lindberg, Gary
Loosen, Ted
Loye, Jon
Mailen, Sean
Malanaphy, Maury
Matalamaki, John
Mayer, Fred
McDaniel, Kent
Meiser, Joe
Meulebroeck, Scott
Mohr, Jere
Mosimann, Rob
Nederloe, Tryg
Nichols, Joel
Nickles, Ray
Nygård, Jonas
O'Neill, Jeff
Parenteau, Roger
Parsons, Charles
Peterson, David
Peterson, Erik
Peterson, Paul
Pettes, Jeff
Phernetton, Michael
Pletka, Bruce
Rambow, Meredith
Rasmussen, Bryce
Raygor, Trenton
Reitz, Andrew
Riley, Matt
Ringold, Tom
Ringuette, Jim
Roenfanz, Parker
Roeser, Josh "Pork Chop"
Rogers, Cole
Sauber, Larry
Schad, Charlie
Schlinz, Kyle
Schneider, Jay
Schneider, Joshua
Schulz, Thad
Seaburg, Mark
Seipp, Carrie
Sheedy, Patrick
Sheldrake, John
Shepherd, Bob
Shouse, Corey
Shupe, Jeff
Sobota, Kyle
Soltis, Steve
St. Pierre, Sam
Strachan, David
Stringfield, Ryan
Stuckman, Chris
Stunek, Kurt
Sundquist, Christian
Thornton, Jeremy
Thueringer, Frank
Tiede, Travis
Tobias, Sam
Tuma, Robert
Van Ryswyk, Jeremie
Venteicher, Lee
Ward-Packard, Ezra
Watchmaker, Todd
Watercott, Mike
Webb, Matt
Weeks, David
Weinzierl, Andy
Weisbrod, Heath
Wentz, Lindsay
Wentz, Nathan
Williams, Rob
Wilson, Drew
Wolf, Charles
Woll, Dan
Woods, Brian
Worley, T.C.
Yore, Steve
Zylstra, Ken

For sure waiting list:

Jungers, Jake
Lageson, Andy
Lemke, Nicholas
Mandel, Jeff
Perez, Jose
Strate, Chelsea
Vold, Sveta

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The 2017 Registration Post

Hi all!

This will be mostly a copy/paste job since no actual details have changed to get into the lottery.

Here are the details, from now until December 31 (postmarked by):

1 ) Please send a STANDARD POSTCARD to:

Ragnarok 105 c/o
Isaac Giesen
428 Franklin St.
Red Wing, MN    55066

2) NOTE that I said STANDARD POSTCARD. This does not mean a randomly sized chunk of cardboard, or a slip of paper in an envelope. Go out to countless places and buy a postcard. We will be holding a random lottery style drawing and no one will get preferential treatment (outside of the previous winners or those who have been through all of the editions of the 'Rok. Goofy sized cards stack the deck one way or the other...

3) On the postcard, please LEGIBLY write out the following:

Your Name
Your Email Address
and the statement "I am responsible for myself"

I'll start a post that will list everyone who has gotten into the lottery. Don't be worried yet, I'll try and do it this weekend (work is crazy busy).

4) Black Friday is the first day that I'll "accept" cards, and you have until December 31 to have your card postmarked and on its way to Red Wing.

5) I'm not actually a total stickler for the rules, but we really do appreciate not getting random little bits of paper with names, oddly shaped chunks of cardboard, etc. It just makes things easier for us.

6) You must send in a card YOURSELF! If I see that the same person has sent in multiple cards for different folks, then those cards are going in the trash. There is a requirement to write out "I am responsible for myself" and it pretty much defeats the purpose of that if you can't even be bothered to send in your own card.

7) We will cap the roster at 150 riders. So there is a chance that the lottery will not be needed. If we have more than 150 cards, the drawing will take place a week or so after the new year. I will keep all those not pulled in the lottery on a waiting list. Last year EVERYONE on the waiting list got in (though some were very late notice so couldn't make it).

8) Previous winners still need to send in a card. You just won't go into the drawing (this goes for Men and Women)

9) I think that is it. Ask questions if you have any.

10) Happy Holidays!