Thursday, November 28, 2013

We're back! 2014 Details and Registration information

Hi All...

After a long hiatus I'm happy to say that we're gearing up for yet another running of the Ragnarok 105. So... here are the details (at least the upper level ones... we'll try and shoot out more detailed info in the coming days and weeks):

When: APRIL 12th, 2014

Where: Start and Finish in Red Wing, using many of the cool roads in Goodhue and Wabasha Counties

What: Same old, same old. A roughly 105 mile (might be a bit longer) ride on mostly gravel roads up and down the valleys, over hill, over dale, etc. etc. There will be at least a few minimum maintenance road sections that may or may not be rideable depending on the conditions. We will give you cue sheets (if you aren't familiar with them, we'll make sure you understand them... very simple) that will get you from the start, to the checkpoints, and then back. We are running our checkpoints the same as previous years... we will publish the checkpoint location(s) and allow you to have support at those points. We WILL NOT carry any bags or supplies for you. We WILL NOT be your ride if your bike breaks down, you get lost, you run out of steam, etc. You WILL BE responsible for yourself. We will keep loose track of time and places, but this isn't meant to be an all out race.

How much?: Free, zero doll hairs...

Registration Details: We will be having a lottery again. Previous winners of the race (you know who you are) will get in if you send in a card. Everyone else will go into the big bag. Due to us wanting to keep our sanity, keep our costs down, and make sure that we can provide a good experience for the riders, we are capping the active roster at 105 riders again (this also jives with the likely available parking if the golf club opens back up as rumored). Starting now you can send in a POSTCARD to Jake. His address is as follows:

Ragnarok 105
c/o Jake Huot
1079 Putnam St
Red Wing, MN, 55066

The Postcard MUST have the following information:

Email Address

Here are a couple of things to keep our frustration down... we aren't always necessarily jerks, so we won't toss your card out, but still...

1) Write Legibly. If we can't read your name and email it will be hard to get you officially on the roster.
2) Don't send in a bunch of pieces of paper for you and your buddies in one envelope. They are NOT postcards.
3) Massive chunks of a box, while technically a postcard, can be annoying. If you are making your own hobo postcard please make it standard postcard size.

As stated, you can send your card in (one card per person) now. Your card must be postmarked by December 31st. Later than that... no dice. We'll draw the names on the weekend of the 4th probably, though we may wait until the 11th to make sure any cards that may be stuck in the postal process can get to us.

After the drawing, we will post up the roster and email the people that get drawn. This will be the official roster. We will also draw 25-30 folks to keep the roster filled as folks drop out. We'll keep the remaining cards in case there is a rash of drop outs.

If you have any questions, feel free to post up a comment. I may have forgotten something too... who knows.

Happy Thanksgiving!