Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Race Roster

Ok. Here is the official race roster for the 2016 edition of the 'Rok. I am making the call to cap it at 150 and have a waiting list. I'm VERY confident that anyone that is on the waiting list will get in unless we have a much smaller dropout rate than previous years. I figured it's better for my sanity if I don't have a sliding scale for the roster...

How did I get to the final roster? I yanked out about 20 cards. These people are on the wait list in the order that they were pulled.

Some other notes:

We had a decent sized pile of folks who didn't get the cards postmarked by the 31st. Sorry, but regardless of if the post office screwed up, or what... 2017 will be your friend.

I was VERY close to throwing out a pile of cards that obviously were not filled out by the person submitting the card. The only thing that saved them was that I didn't know who actually sent in the cards... so at least one person actually was "responsible for themselves". Seriously. You can call me a grouch but if you are committing to a long and hard race is it that freaking hard to send in your own darn card? Eventually I'll get over it, but I just do NOT get it.

So... now that that is done with...

Please, please PLEASE - if you cannot make it to the race on the 9th of April for any reason (I don't judge!) please let me know at . 1) I can then give your spot to someone on the waiting list, and 2) I don't have to make lots of extra copies of cue sheets etc. They add up and are not free.

Here is the 2016 Roster...

Abel, Matthew
Anderson, Bruce
Anderson, Jon
Arquin, Mike
Backman, Daniel
Bakker, Carl
Barr, Megan
Bell, David
Bell, Pete
Benton, Joel
Birkemeier, Ryan
Braasch, Grant
Breckon, Royce
Brown, Robert
Callas, Bill
Carlson, Mick
Carlson, Van
Carroll, Paul
Cary, Neil "O"
Casey, Mike
Clark, ,Kevin
Clausen, Ted
Cotter, Shawn
Cox, Ben
Denis, Charles
Dingemans, Max
Doom, Ben
Dosse, Rob
Early, Ken
Eastlund, Alan
Eckert, Seth
Eklund, Lukas
Elson, Brandt
Elson, Samuel
Endres, Chris
Englund, Erik
Erickson, Thomas
Evanoff, Nick
Everstone, Hurl
Floden, Amy
Flynn, Shaun
Fosler, Bryan
Franzone, Carolyn
Fry, Jeremy
Funke, Dan
Gaffke, Dustin
Gonzales, Kevin
Grant, Jennifer
Gruhn, Leah
Haberman, Paul
Hamlin, Joe
Hanka, Matt
Hansen, Boyd
Hau, Tim
Haug, Ryan
Haye, Jeff
Henkemeyer, Jeff
Hippen, Scott
Hoogendam, Ian
Hudson-Erdman, Jonah
Hunter, Melissa
Hurd, Wendy
Irving, Craig
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, Matt
Johnson, Wade
Karow, Eddie
Kauth, James
Kelly, Justin
Kern, Jon
Kies, Scott
King, Susannah
Koeneke, Andy
Koppi-Kohn, Alex
Kusler, Dean
Kvittem, Brent
LaLonde, Jesse
Langum, Leigh
Larson, Mara
Landreville, Michael
Lee, Mike
Lindberg, Gary
Loosen, Ted
Loye, Jon
Mach, Elizabeth
Mailen, Sean
Meiser, Joe
Meitler, Barry
Messer, Adam
Millner, Chad
Moeding, Andrew
Mohr, Jere
Morgan, April
Nederloe, Tryg
Newberg, Carl
Nickles, Ray Ray
Nikodym, Matt
Nygård, Jonas
O'Neill, Jeff
Oney, Ben
Pace, David
Parsons, Charles
Pettes, Jeff
Pramann, David
Rambow, Meredith
Rasmussen, Bryce
Raygor, Trenton
Rhoads, Dan
Roenfanz, Parker
Roll, David (looks like Devil, but my guess is David)
Sauber, Larry
Schacht, Ryan
Schad, Charlie
Schmitt, Barry
Schneider, Jay
Schotz, Chris
Schuetz, Justin
Schwinghamer, Jack
Seaburg, Mark
Seipp, Carrie
Sheedy, Patrick
Shelley, Dirk
Shepherd, Bob
Shoemaker, Darryl
Showalter, Charles
Shupe, Jeff
Smith, Harlan
Soltis, Steve
St. Pierre, Sam
Strate, Chelsea
Stuckman, Chris
Stukel, Jason
Sundheim, David
Swenson, Brett
Tiede, Travis
Urbanski, Paul
Vaith, Jake
Venteicher, Lee
Vick, Jon
Vold, Svetlana
Ward, Denise
Watchmaker, Todd
Webb, Matthew
WeinzierL, Andy
Weisbrod, Heath "Red Squirrel"
Williams, Rob
Wilson, Drew
Yore, Steven
Zylstra, Ken

Here is the waiting list... in order... I will send you an email as soon as you are in. Thanks for sending in a card and again, don't fret too much. We typically have 25-30% of the folks drop out at a minimum.

Sobota, Kyle
Rogers, Cole
Sloma, Brett
Gaz, Dan
Criego, Mike
Kelly, Chad
Bahls, Don
Schneider, Joshua
Russell, Luci
Gerten, Bob
Hop, Angie
Larson, Patrick
Frane, Jeff
Carlton, Philip
Staufenberg, Adam
DeMars, Joseph
Johnson, Eric
Piech, Dawn
Bujold, Sean