Sunday, December 27, 2009

Follow us on race day

Keep up to date on race day on twitter. Ragnarok105

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recap of a few things

In the coming days/weeks we'll be recapping the rules and logistics of the race. We had a couple of cut/paste snafus earlier so these will answer any questions you might have about the race (course, rules, etc).

Today's note:

This year we will only be having one official checkpoint. That's right, the Lake City checkpoint is being taken out of the race. The one and only time that the race will go by a convenience store will be at the checkpoint town in Zumbro Falls. The race will go within a few miles of Goodhue and Lake City but will not pass directly through/by them. If you've come to know and love the Kwik Trip in Lake City, we're sorry, but we wanted to include a few different roads in the race and this was the best way to do it. We think that the additional roads will more than offset the lost chance at another roller-dog.

So... summary... Race starts in Red Wing... at approximately mile 55 there will be a checkpoint (with a time cutoff) in Zumbro Falls... then another 50 mile shot to Red Wing. No other gas stations will be passed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some exciting sponsorship news

Will be announced sometime soon... we're working on a couple of new sponsors who have been kind enough to offer up some cool swag (like... REALLLL cool swag... like... I really wish that I was racing so I was eligible swag!).

More will be announced once we work through some details.

Keep warm and get out and ride! A little snow and ice just makes things a little interesting!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Newbs that gave email addys should have gotten a confirmation

Just sent out a pile of emails.

If your card had an email, and you're in, then you should have received an email. If you are a vet I assume you know the score so won't get one....

Hope the snow finds everyone well!


Friday, December 4, 2009


Sorry for the delay in getting the official roster up. Ragnarok central was inundated with cards on the day that we got to 80 entrants. We didn't really have a great plan (somehow we envisioned getting 2-3 cards a day for a month or so to get to 80) so to be fair to all of those who got their cards in first, any of you that got your cards into my mailbox on the day that it got to (and went over) 80 people are in. I think that day was Wednesday, but my memory is foggy in my old age.

We will not be letting any others in and at least I don't accept bribes. Sorry!!!

Thanks all for a hectic last couple of days! Looking forward to more course recon and reports!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Notes on Registration

Hello All!

We're filling up fast, but not quite to the 80 entry cut-off. It will probably fill up tomorrow, so if you haven't sent anything in yet but want to be on the waiting list... feel free to continue sending in cards. Unless your name is Jason Stukel. You can stop sending in cards.

Some interesting notes so far in registration:

1) If the last 10 spots are taken by "rookies" there will be a complete 50-50 split between veterans and rookies. We might have to figure out some sort of MTV-like game to spice things up. I think Landon might be available to emcee....

2) Can a tandem win the 'Rok? I don't know about win, but there will be a Co-ed team toeing the line. Some of those downhills will be spicy on a tandem for sure!!!

3) Both previous winners have signed up.

I will try and send out emails to all of you who signed up with an email (you are still in if you didn't give me one, you just won't get a confirmation email). Might be a few days though. Have no fear. If anyone has any questions feel free to send them to igiesen_AT_charter_DOT_net.


OH! The roads right now are PERFECT! Nice and firm with no real loose stuff on top... with no wind they are FAST!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So for all of the newbs that want in this year here is what we need on your postcard.


No more that one name per card. Send it to:

Ragnarok 105 c/o Isaac Giesen
134 Kingswood Dr
Apt 210
Red Wing, MN 55066

Ok... here are the formalities. I think we are all in accordance with the rules, but here they are (only one of which will probably be brought up again... and again... and again...)

1. Sponsors, organizers and any hangers on are not responsible for your safety. Each rider is considered to be on their own little private excursion. If you wipe out on loose gravel it is not our fault. You are responsible for you.

2. Outside support is only allowed at our Zumbro Falls checkpoint. There will be convenience stores available in Zumbro Falls.

3. You will receive the first 1/2 of the tulip notes upon registering the morning of the event. The second 1/2 of the tulip notes will be given to you upon reaching the checkpoint. There will be a time cut-off for the checkpoint, and believe me, it will be very attainable by all who can keep moving forward. The time will be determined at a later date.

4. You must attempt to follow the course at all times. If you need to go off course for help or food or something you must re-enter the course where you left it. I doubt anyone will be super familiar with the roads that we're going over, but please... no shortcuts.

5. Use your head. Yield to traffic. Pay attention to the road surface (which will possibly vary from concrete like hard gravel roads to snow covered sloppy muddy mess) and ride accordingly.

6. At all times you are making progress on the course you must wear an approved helmet.

7. Obey all state, county, city, village, township, borough, etc. laws, along with the Rules of the Road.

8. We are not responsible if you get lost or stranded. Have a way of contacting the outside world should something go not to plan.

9. Must have a blinking red rear light and a front headlight (can be one tiny white LED... it's amazing how much that helps you be seen even in the daylight).

Just to remind newbs if we get your card prior to December 1st I will personally throw it in the garbage.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. A quick reminder to anyone that has never raced Ragnarok before. You will be able to sign up soon (Dec 1)! To those veterans who have yet to sign up get on it so you are secured a spot, I know there is quite the line up of newcomers that will be sending in postcard so get on it!

If you are a newcomer please find an old post that goes over all the rules to this race before you sign up. We will be posting all the rules again as soon as I wake up from my food coma that may come from dinner.

Take care!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Roster for 2010

2010 Entrants in no particular order

J. Schneider
R. Hargrove
T. Ek
H. Weisbrod
P. Million
J. Novak
N. Cary
C. Millner
M. Larson
B. Dukek
J. Pitts (Jaypee)
M. Boehnlein
J. Palmer
P. Bell
J. Peterson (Death Rider)
C. Skogen
B. Shepherd
T.C. Worley
C. Tri (defending champ)
B. Bruessel
D. Dittmer
Z. Herringer
C. Farrow
S. King
J. Robb
G. Braasch
J. Kershaw
J. Meiser
S. Holland
J. Zipfel
B. Elson (2008 champ)
L. Sauber
R. Vosberg
D. Pramann
S. Kinderman
T. Lawrence
N. Oswald
S. Haraldson
K. Jargo
E. Karow
H. Everstone
T. Puzak
S. Pamlenyi
S. St. Pierre
K. Olson
T. Loosen
A. Lambert
C. Klempp
Mar. Engen
B. Johnson
J. Stukel
P. Krawczyk/J. Krawczyk
R. Danneker
T. Krueger
B. Swenson
J. Bunkelman
S. Mailen
B. Beulow
R. Horkey
M. Rudnick
E. Sudheimer
J. Struve
J. Rosane
R. Kompelien
M. Steiger
A. Snyder
P. Dowling
R. Hendricks
D. Fox
G. Ramirez
D. Wilson
P. Roenfanz
D. Hansen
B. Manske
J. Dyke
B. Avery
D. Carson
A. Tetmeyer
Mat. Engen
R. Anderson
R. Green
T. McDonald
T. Larson
A. Kroese
J. Hyma
R. Nickles
J. Kleve
M. Horner
A. Stauffer
D. Chinn
M. Johnson
Ch. Chennert
E. Fredrickson
E. Krizek
M. Riley
R. Belz
L. Nesbitt
D. Bucholz
N. Hackensack
C. Hanson
P. Stoffel
D. McNaughton
T. Andrew
S. Sundby
C. Finch
J. Grooms
J. Bialas
D. Grelk
J. Struchynski

Registration is closed. Sorry to say that if your name isn't on this list you are on the waiting list (which will be sorted by random order per day that I received the card).


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Your nuts if you didnt ride!

I hope everyone had a chance to ride this weekend. You may never get a better November day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Please put your sex and class on your postcard. If you sent one in already you should have known the drill.

Classes are, Single Speed, Open men, Open women.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Open for business!

For all that have started Ragnarok V.1 or V.2. You may now register!

We have decided for all that have started our wonderful race before, you get a head start. We are opening up registration until December 1st for you. After that game on for everyone else. We will be letting in 80 riders this year, and under no circumstance will we be letting in anymore. We let in a few straglers last year and we are sticking to our guns this year. Registration will end with the 80th registrant. Please make sure you sign up only if you are able to race. I know things come up last minute, but DO NOT sign up then not ride your bike enough to finish the race. Please DO NOT put more than one name on a postcard. Only the first name on the card will be taken. Send postcards to Ragnarok 105, 134 Kingswood Drive Apt 210 Red Wing, MN 55066.

The race will take place April 10th, 2010.

Ready set GO!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

News News News

Hey all there isn't actually much news YET. We will be meeting sometime next week to set a date and get things rolling. Usually registration is sometime near the beginning of the year (give a week or two in either direction). Thanks to the creator of Almanzo 100 we will be part of race for the cup. Check it. Till then take care.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Full KotM results

For the second edition of the 'Rok, we added a King of the Mountains competition to spice up things. We figured that a good way to get the 100 mile suffering started was to throw out the carrot of a climbers award. In the first 30 miles of the race there were 8 big (for MN) gravel road climbs that can hurt. Vegas had one of the LCR crew (either Heath Weisbrod or Larry Sauber) as the odds on favorites? Why? Because to win this award you had to be ready to suffer, and maybe not be the most strategic racer. Lots of matches would have to be burned to win this coveted prize.

Final Standings in the KoM competition:

1. Larry Sauber
2. Tim Ek
3. Heath Weisbrod
4. Charlie Farrow
5. Jeremy Fry
6. Brad Prudhom

Individual Climbs (10 pts. for first, 7 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd)

Climb 1 - Lehrbach
1. Larry Sauber
2. Heath Weisbrod
3. Tim Ek

Climb 2 - Orchard
1. Heath Weisbrod
2. Larry Sauber
3. Tim Ek

Climb 3 - County 45
1. Larry Sauber
2. Tim Ek
3. Charlie Farrow

Climb 4 - Hill Valley
1. Heath Weisbrod
2. Tim Ek
3. Larry Sauber

Climb 5 - Kolshorn
1. Heath Weisbrod
2. Tim Ek
3. Larry Sauber

Climb 6 - 240th
1. Tim Ek
2. Larry Sauber
3. Charlie Farrow

Climb 7 - 350th (Minimum Maintenance)
1. Larry Sauber
2. Charlie Farrow
3. Jeremy Fry

Climb 8 - Weibusch
1. Larry Sauber
2. Tim Ek
3. Charlie Farrow

I am fairly certain that we'll hold the KOM again next year. We may tweak things a bit. Any suggestions would be welcome (though who knows if we'll go with them....)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

'09 Rok is in the books

Great job to all the racers that finished!

Quick post for now... more details later or tomorrow

Summary of results

Top 3 Overall

1. Charly Tri
2. Charlie Farrow
3. Jeremy Fry

Top SS

1. Heath Weisbrod

Top Female

1. Rebecca Sauber

Thanks to all who raced, helped racers, and have followed this blog... 

More complete results and photos to come later....

Friday, April 17, 2009

T-minus 10 hours?


Should be an epic day... maybe not as epic weatherwise, but that'll just mean the speeds will be a little faster (but no less exhausting).


6:30 - 7:15 is the check in time. Please don't wait until the last minute to show up.

Start is at 7:30. 

Must finish by 7:30 pm.

Remember to be ready to fend for yourself, but if possible buddy up. The buddy system makes a race like tomorrow's doable.

Remember to be safe. The race is held on open roads and people won't really be expecting to see you. Downhills will be fast. Ride safe and ride smart.

Remember to have fun. It's hard. But it is also fun. The roads are pretty scenic and rustic for the most part and are some of the best Goodhue and Wabasha counties have to offer. 

See ya'll tomorrow bright and early!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pre ride madness!

Well we managed to ride the course yesterday, and sorry for anyone that loves peanut butter roads and nasty decents, the whole course is in superb condition. The graters managed to get out on a couple roads but didn't make it much harder on us.

The tulips are spot on so if you get lost, not our fault! I have to say that even if it is perfect weather the course is still a bit more challenging than last year, so hope for nice weather.

Hope this finds everyone ready for next week! Be sure you carry enough with you to make it 50mi. at a time. We didn't see many cars but the ones we came across were not going slow, so make sure you remeber to be safe no matter the state of mind.

Stay healthy and see you next week!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Introducing KOM!

To start out with something exciting, we are introducing the all new KOM (King of the Mountain) challenge. A hand full of climbs, eight to be exact, in the first 30 miles will count in the KOM. The first three up the hill will score points. The best part is you get a REALLY cool prize!

Rules: You are responsible for you! Know your limits. Have an escape. The only outside assistance you can receive is in Zumbro Falls (half way check point). You will be disqualified if you receive help outside of the checkpoint. We ask that no cars follow your rider, if you do the rider will be disqualified. You have 12 hours to complete the race. Start is 7:30 am and for you that can't compute, that means 7:30 pm is your end time. Checkpoint cutoffs will be 1:00 in Zumbro Falls, 4:00 in Lake City and 7:30 in Red Wing. And you are responsible for yourself! You are on public open roads, follow the rules, stay to the right when coming to the top of a hill or on blind spots. You are in rural MN you might run across hillbillies or any other mostly intoxicated drivers. To be extra safe, have a rear red light and a small flashing front light. Once again you are responsible for yourself.

Registration: Registration opens at 6:30 and closes at 7:15. Plan well, the race will start with or without you. ONLY REGISTERED RIDERS WILL BE GIVEN CUE SHEETS!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tulip Refresher Course

I know that some of you guys/gals are more the follow the course tape type of people, so this "race" will be a change. The course will be given to you in two halves. You'll get tulip notes at raceday sign-in for the first half of the race. Once you get to the Zumbro Falls checkpoint you'll receive the instructions for the second half of the race. Approximate size of the notes will be 4.25" x 5.5" (maybe a bit smaller).

Each instruction will include an instruction number, an overall mileage, a tulip diagram and an information cell. The overall mileage will count up from the start or any place where you are instructed to
reset your mileage, such as a checkpoint.

The tulip diagram is a graphical representation of the location for the instruction. Normally this is an intersection of two or more roads, or a feature of a road. The tulip always has two features, the dot and the arrow. No matter how the tulip is oriented, you always will travel from the 
dot to the arrow for that instruction. Normally the tulips are drawn so you are traveling from the bottom of the tulip, but this doesn't have to be the case.

Here is a sample note:

The first tulip of instruction 1 ("Begin") shows that the mileage is zero, so you would want to zero your odometer at that instruction.

The 2nd shows that you will approach a T intersection (in this case it's County road 1) and take a right. This intersection is aproximately 1.0 miles from the last zero.

The third instruction shows that the road turns left, with another road branching off on the right. When a road is in brackets, ex. [350th street], it is indicating the intersecting or connecting road, but 
NOT the road you take. So in our example above, we stay on County 1 which bends to the left and 350th street intersects from the right.

Instruction 4 is similar. Since 210th street is in brackets [], it indicates the intersecting road is 210th street, but the tulip shows we keep going straight.
When in doubt, always follow the tulip and ignore the street or road names provided.

Instruction 5 shows a more complex intersection that we approach from the bottom right and end up taking a hard left a the delta.

Instuction 6 shows that the road we are on bends right, but we take 250th Street that intersects from the left.

When information is in quotes and a small dash is shown on the tulip, as shown in instruction 7, it indicates the text that is on a sign. That sign will be where the dash is shown at the intersection.

Instruction 8 simply shows that we take a right at a Y intersection and that intersection is at approximately 5.6 miles from the last odometer zero.

Tulip 9 shows the location of a checkpoint.

In summary, the text is normally there to provide or clarify the instruction, but the primary thing you should focus on is the tulip. 
Always travel from dot to arrow, no matter how the tulip is oriented on the page.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Course update!

Well, the course was driven yesterday, and if things shape up it should be a brutal course, but could have some fast times depending on the wind. The roads were 100% passable in a front wheel drive wagon (driven capably by an ex-Rally driver). But the minimum maintenance roads could be a slog. In fact depending on how things dry out and if the county decides to start re-graveling lots of the roads could be a slog.

Here is a picture from one of the roads:

Not too bad eh?

If you are looking for info on the tulip notes, we will have some stuff posted on them sometime this weekend (I will be out of town for work until Saturday). If you really have a hankering for crafting up a card holder, the dimensions and style will be the same as last year. A quartered 8.5 x 11 sheet (so roughly 4.25 wide by 5.5 high) will be the ticket yet again.

Hope the training is going well!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Details on the Race Day for those who are wondering

Hi again

On race day (April 18th!) registration will open at 6:30 am in Colville Park in Red Wing, MN. The main parking lot area will be where we convene. The official starting line will be the Dog Poop sign again. I think that there was a port-a-potty style bathroom at the start last year, but not certain

The start of the race will be 7:30 am sharp.

The First Checkpoint will be at roughly the halfway mark. The same park in Zumbro Falls will be the meeting area. There will be outside support allowed at this point, and this point only! This is a change from last year. The second checkpoint will not allow outside support. If you are not checked in at the Zumbro Falls checkpoint by 2:30 pm you will not get the second half course tulip notes.

There will be another checkpoint along the way with about 25 miles to go. This one is for our own sanity so we know where people are on the course. NO outside help or support will be allowed here.

The race will finish at the same place that the race started. Colvill Park. You must be at the finish line (dog poop sign again) by 7:30 to complete the race officially.

Here are the towns you will go through and what you can expect to see in the way of amenities:

Red Wing (start and finish) - hotels, gas stations, etc. No gas stations or convenience stores are on the route until the last mile or so. Also has a hospital, Peebles store and (2) Subways for some reason.

Zumbro Falls (Checkpoint 1) - two convenience stores and a couple of bars that may provide a decent burger

Millville - no stores or bathrooms or parks are on the course or even in Millville

Lake City - a convenience store will be on the route, there are also fast food opportunities a few blocks off the course and we'll be rolling right past a medical center.

There will be at least 55 or so miles without easy refueling so be prepared with enough water and food. The weather last year was about freezing and WINDY. Brutal. The week before it was about 70 and sunny. Could be warmer, could be rainy... could be snowing... BE PREPARED! You are responsible for you. 

More reports from out on the course tomorrow probably.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Official Race Roster Part Deux

Alrighty... April 18th is gettin' closer... if you have gotten a confirmation email from one of the Ragnarok directors and your name isn't on this list, let me know at igiesen at charter dot net . Thanks all...

In alphabetical order (last initial):

xBakken, Justin - Open M
xBekke, Tim - Open M
xBell, Pete - Open M
xBerrigan, Corie - Open F
xBoehnlein, Michael - Open M
xBraasch, Grant - Open M
xBraun, Craig - SS M
xBruessel, Brent - Open M
xDittmer, Dan - Open M
xDukek, Brian - Open M
xEk, Tim - Open M
xElson, Brandt - Open M
xEverstone, Hurl - Open M
xFarrow, Charlie - Open M
xFischer, Todd - Open M
xFredrickson, Eric - SS M
xFry, Jeremy - Open M
xGoetzelman, Steve - Open M
xGoltz, Caleb - Open M
xGrabowski, Anne - Open F
xHaberman, Paul - Open M
xHansen, Dan - Open M
xHansen, Scott - Open M
xHaraldson, Scott - Open M
xHargrove, Ross - Open M
xHerringer, Zachary - Open M
xJargo, Kevin - Open M
xJeppeson, Shawn - Open M
xKarow, Eddie - Open M
xKershaw, Jeremy - SS M
xKinderman, Scott - Open M
xKing, Susannah - Open F
xKrizek, Elliott - Open M
xLambert, Andy - Open M
xLarson, Dave - Open M
xLarson, Marty - Open M
xLavell, Josh - Open M
xLawrence, Matt - Open M
xLawrencre, Troy - Open M
xMeiser, Joe - Open F
xMeyer, David - Open M
xMontgomery, Margaret - Open F
xMontgomery, Monty - Open M
xMuraski, Mark - Open M
xMuraski, Matt - Open M
xMillner, Chad - Open M
xNancekivell, Ian - Open M
xNickles, Ray - Open M
xNovak, Jason - Open M
xO'Cary, Neil - Open M
xOswald, Nick - SS M
xPalmer, Jim - Open M
xPerry, Brad - Open M
xPeterson, Josh - Open M
xPitts, Justin - Open M
xPramann, David - Open M
xPrudhom, Jason - Open M
xRegenold, Stephen - Open M
xRobb, JJ - Open M
xRosenberg, Andrew - Open M
xRyan, Pete - Open M
xSauber, Larry - Open M
xSauber, Lonie - Open M
xSauber, Rebecca - Open F
xSaul, Ron - Open M
xSchneider, Joshua - Open M
xShepherd, Bob - Open M
xSime, Eric - SS M
xSkogen, Chris - Open M
xStock, Pete - Open M
xStruve, Jesse - Open M
xTenge, Ryan - Open M
xTri, Charly - Open M
xVosberg, Roy - SS M
xWaxmonsky, Nicole - Open F
xWeisbrod, Heath - SS M
xWorley, TC - SS M
xZipfel, Jeff - SS M

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hopefully all of the lucky ones who are in for the '09 edition have been training. We have a few additions and changes from last year's course that should make for some added fun times. Yes, there may be a few more hills.... (in Mr. Burns's voice) Excellent.....

Conditions on course last Saturday:

Yes, that is a minimum maintenance road, and yes that is 3-4 inches of snow on it. At least two sections of min. maintenance road that you will have to contend with. I would guess by the middle of April the snow will be gone (but what will be in it's place???? those who finished last year remember what can happen.... mwah ha ha haaaa).

Final, Final, Updated, Final, Official Roster will be posted later this week. If you haven't heard from me in one way shape or form via email consider yourself unlucky and not in. Sorry!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

2 Months, 18 days!!! hope your riding!

Sorry about the lack of updates... truthfully not much to say.

With the beautiful weather we were treated with yesterday I managed to hop on the steed and get a ride in. The roads we mostly frozen, the tops of the hills were PB. Min maintenance road still have snowmobile traffic on them (that was scary). I did manage to snap some pics I'll get them posted up soon.

Safe riding!