Thursday, November 25, 2021

Rok Registration 2022!

 Hello All -

So we're back on for 2022! Pretty much the same details as always...

What: Ragnarok 105
When: April 2, 2022 (hoping for no blizzards this weekend!)

Where: Red Wing, MN


We're going to be doing registration pretty much the same as we always have. We will be capping the registration at 150 riders as we have the last couple of years, and will be utilizing a lottery, again as we have in the past. If less than 150 folks send in their postcard, and you properly get a postcard into our hands, then you'll be in.

Where do you send the postcard? This year we're going to have you send the cards to Jake. If you are local to Denver, CO maybe you can drop them off... otherwise here is his address:

Ragnarok 105 
c/o Jake Huot
2808 N Humboldt St
Denver, CO 80205

Some "rules" for the cards:

1) Try to send an actual postcard. They aren't that hard to find, and they are much easier for us to manage.
2) One postcard per person. If you start to send in multiple cards they will all be thrown out.
3) Don't send in a card for anyone but yourself. A key point of this event is that, as a rider, you are responsible for yourself. This begins with the postcard. (Note... obviously we won't be able to tell if your significant other or kid sent in a card for you, but if we get 6 cards for you and your friends in the same pen, same handwriting, all at the same time... that isn't cool... again a postcard isn't that hard).
4)Make sure your handwriting is legible.

The card needs three things:

(1) Name
(2) email address
(3) The statement: "I am responsible for myself"

Postcards will be received starting Black Friday (November 26, 2021) and must be postmarked by December 31, 2021.

To let the straggler cards in we'll probably do the lottery on or around January 15, 2022.

Any questions? Post them up here (or however you want to try and contact us... we have a facebook page... instagram... etc...)

Thanks - Jake

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Rok Results - 2021

 We'll see how the Excel formatting flies over to this archaic blogger medium...

UPDATED 4/16!!!

Thanks again for coming out and challenging yourselves with the Rok. Next year should be more of the same. We'll try and have a date picked out shortly and maybe a few wrinkles thrown in for good measure.

Thanks - Isaac

Monday, April 5, 2021

It is race week!

 Hi All -

Jake hit send on an important email last weekend... I'm bad at the internet, but will try to get the info all here for people to digest... 

"Rok Riders,

This year once again will look different.  Attached is a COVID health sheet that you will have to  print and fill out, a waiver that will need to be printed and filled out, and your tulip notes to complete the course.  There will be plastic bins at the start to put the COVID and race waiver in before you start. 

We will be starting in waves five minutes apart.  You need to stay in or around your car with a mask on until your wave starts.  You will be allowed to approach the start line 2 minutes before your wave starts with your mask on!  Once you get out on course you will be able to remove your mask while riding.  If you enter a town or a store please put your mask on.  NONE OF THIS IS OPTIONAL!

Your start time is: (see PDF)

You truly are on your own this year.  There will not be checkpoints.  We may have timing... we will at least have a finish line.  If you care about timing, I suggest you keep it for yourself and email it to us, we can then post it for all the world to see.  

You are responsible for yourself.  You need to have a back up plan if things go wrong.  There are parts of the course you will not have cell service."

I will try and clarify some finer points of things throughout the week.

files if you lost the email...

Monday, February 1, 2021

The 2021 Ragnarok Race Roster!

Hello intrepid riders!

Without further ado, here is a poorly formatted list of all of the riders who have formally entered the granddaddy of MN gravel races (at least that are currently running). I think the hard to read roster is as much of a Ragnarok tradition as lovely spring weather!

Achen Chap

Acker Matt

Anderson Jon

Anderson Jared

Applen Eric

Ayala Erin

Badger Keith

Barr Megan

Batko Charles

Behrendt Brian

Belz Rob

Benjamin Kristine

Birkemeier Ryan

Black Joe

Boyle Jamie

Braasch Grant

Braun Craig

Brendal Randy

Campbell Mike

Carlson Mick

Carlson Van

Carroll Paul

Clark Joe

Clausen Ted

Curtis Rick

Dingemans Max

Ehlers Scott

Eide Nate ***

Eklund Lukas

Erickson Thomas

Everson Hurl

Fields Greg

Frane Jeffrey

Frusher Dan ***

Funke Dan

Gaffke Dustin

Garrett Jim

Gilbertson Mike

Greenwaldt Tyler

Grieves Chase

Groskreutz Michael

Hansen Boyd

Haug Ryan

Haye Jeff

Henkemeyer Jeff

Hest Robert

Higley Phil

Hill Josh

Hippen Scott

Hoffmann Cory

Hollaren Bart

Hop Angie ***

Houchin Alexandera

Huffard Timothy

Hunter Melissa

Ivey Gregory

Janisch Steve

Jick Raymond

Jorento Dane

Karow Eddie

Keller Paul

Kelly Chad

Kelly Justin

Kern Jon

Kershaw Jeremy

Kohn Alyssa

Kolsky Mike

Kramer Matthew

Kromer Dane

Kvittem Brent

Lane Jon

Larson Mara

Larson Ryan

Lemke Nick

Lewis Tim

Lindberg Gary

Loosen Ted

Magnusson Patrick ***

Marsh Dustin

Marshall Sandy

Marshall Steve

Marson Kesha

Matthews Chris

McCloud Dave ***

Millner Chad

Molnar Josh

Myers Luke

Naef Dan

Nelson Daniel

Nickles Ray

Nickleski Todd

Nieszner Patrick

Nygard Jonas

Olson Arron

Olson Tina

Oney Ben

Padley Greg

Parsons Charles

Peet Rich

Person Andrew

Pettes Jeff

Pollitt David

Poquette Todd

Quinn Tom

Quinn Nicholas

Rasmussen Todd

Raygor Trenton

Rickert Kyle ***

Rider Death

Ringuette Jim

Roach Jeff

Rogers Cole

Rudnick Martin

Santiago Jesska

Schad Alex

Schad Charlie

Schluttner Eric

Schneider Jay

Schoenbauer Ben

Seaburg Mark

Seipp Carrie

Shouse Corey

Shupe Jeff

Skoning Ben

Sobota Kyle

Stenerson Matt

Stinson Ren

Storm Danny ***

Strate Chelsea

Stroeing Scott

Strop Hunter

Symons Chris

Tobias Sam

Tri Charly

Tuma Robert

Vecchi Anthony

Wargin David

Wark Chase

Weaver Henry

Weaver Ben

Web Matthew

Weeks Isaac

Weeks David

Weeks Christian

Weinzier Andy

Wentz Linday

Wentz Nathan

Whipple Danny

Williams Robert

Wilson Kurt

Wolf Charles

Woll Dan

Wood Luke

Yore Steven

Zismer Elliot