Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be Careful Out There

Some of the areas the 'rok goes through are very "squatchy". Keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Thanks for all of the comments! It's always to get some constructive discussion going.

Really... thanks for the comments. It's great to see how excited people are to be involved with our race. Or how much people would like ride... just a few thoughts... and try not to take anything personally...

First off... Here is the deal... believe it or stuff it the majority of the riders in the race were in fact pulled out of a regulation sized grocery bag (paper) randomly. Seriously.

Secondly.... these races are not even true "races", at least that isn't our intent. Yes, any time a group of people ride bikes together there will be some racing... but these events are meant as endurance challenges. Yes we give out a rock (yes, our trophy is a rock) to the winners. Yeehaw. Your name also is at the top of one of our blog posts for ever!!! Ooooo boy! These races are meant to be fun, low key things... if you are hot headed enough to be all crazy on a blog because of these races then I'd be willing to venture a guess that you potentially are *edited* more suited to 24 hour races, or 12 hour races (WEMS events?).

We also make MAD bank... entry fees have skyrocketed all of the way to $0.00. Just think of all of the extra money we could make if we just opened the race up! It's a free race.

Hmmmm what else. Oh... I'd be glad to offer up some tips on what goes into a pretty sweet gravel course. These tips could come in handy when you start your own race that will undo all of the injustices done by our race. Seriously, if we can put on an event, anyone can.

See... it is our race. And we will run our race how we see fit (for the enjoyment and safety of the riders that show up). If you can't handle not being in a free race (that has the route posted either by us, or people on Map My Ride once it is over) then don't send in a postcard (or envelope, or slip of paper, or whatever it is that people send in).

Feel free to comment and disagree with how we are doing it, I don't mind... I don't think that Jake or Larry really mind either. What is frustrating is name-calling/swearing/etc. without any accountability.

Thanks.... Isaac

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Results of the drawing - (updated 4/4)

Below is the start list for the event, followed by the reserves. We had over 200 entrants this year, which is good to see, but it makes it tough to turn that many folks away.
If your name was drawn and you cannot attend, let us know right away so we can notify the next person on the reserves list. Once we go past the deadline we expect everyone on the list to show up on race day, since you are taking a spot that someone else would have gladly taken.
If we have your name wrong, please let us know.

Start list
Abby Ruess
Al Iverson
Alix Magner
Allen Sanborn
Allison Kelly
Andrea Cohen
Andrew Lindberg
Ben Oney
Bill Nelson
Bob Shepard
Brandon Manske
Brandt Elson
Brendan Moore
Brett Stepanik
Brett Swenson
Brian Dukek
Bruce Anderson
Bryan Cochran
Caleb Donaldson
Charlie Farrow
Charlie Shad
Charly Tri
Chris Zagozen
Christian Huseby
Christine Carragee
Curt Arrigoni
Dan Dittmer
Dan Gold
Dan Utoft
Dave Asp
Dave Cizmas
David Praman
David Schultz
David Strachan
Death Rider
Denise Ward
Dennis Grelk
Devin Curran
Drew Klees
Drew Wilson
Ed Boltz
Elliot Krizek
Eric Fredrickson
Eddie Karow
Grant Braasch
Heath Weisbrod
Hurl Everstone
James Bialas
Jay Pee
Jeffery Penman
Jeremy Fry
Jeremy Kershaw
Jeremy Koenig
Jerry Wright
Jessica Baltzley
Jim Reed
Joel Nichols
John Berini
Joseph Meiser
Kalli Phillips
Kari Gates
Keith Peterson
Kelly MaCwilliams
Kelly & Brad Skillicorn
Kyle Chezik
Larry Sauber
Leah Gruhn
Linsay Kocka
Lisa Thompson
Mara Larson
Mark Seaburg
Martin Rudnick
Mary Gonzalez
Matt Burton-Kelly
Matt Johnson
Matt Nikodym
Matt Petersen
Michael Pherneton
Mick Carlson
Molly Cochran
Neal Cary
Patti Iverson
Paul & Janna Krawczyk
Pete Bell
Pete Brueggen
Phillip Carlton
Porter Million
Randy Anderson
Ray Coyle
Raymond Jick
Richard Parsons
Robbie Morford
Roger Parenteau
Ron Saul
Ross Hargrove
Ryan Carlson
Ryan Horkey
Scott Hippen
Scott Meulebroeck
Scott Shauss
Steven Steichen
Sue Schroeder
T.C. Worely
Ted Clausen
Tim Ek
Tim Wertz
Tom McBeain
Troy Lawrence

Reserves (in order)
Greg Ames
John Hatcher
More as needed..