Monday, April 21, 2014


Sorry this has taken me a few days to get to.  Without further ado. 

1. Dominic Talerico
2. Jesse LaLonde
3. Charlie Shad
4. Sean Mailen
5. Mark LaLonde
6. Chris Schotz
7. Brandt Elson
8. Larry Sauber
9. Josh Roeser
10. Corey Shouse
11. Bruce Anderson
12. Joe Kjeer
13.Scott Hippen
14. Andy Tettmer
15. Jon Kern
16. Brett Swenson
17. Matt Kurke
18. Bob Grittman
19. Shane Busher
20. Heath Weisbrod
21. Parker Roenfanz
22. Megan Barr (First place female!)
23. Ryan Horkey
24. Charles Denis
25. Joe Pahr
26. Grant Braasch
27. Alan Eastlund
28. Patrick Menton
29. Dan Dittmer
30. Ken Zylstra
31. Jeremy Staff
32. David Strachan
33. Jeff Bushendorf
34. Jonas Nygaard
35. Tim Hau
36. John Carline
37. Ted Clausen
38. John Hoch
39. Gary Lindberg
40. Andre Wikenheiser
41. Eddie Karow
42. Ben Cox
43. Jose Perez
44. Phillip Carlton
45. Erik Peterson
46. Joel Benton
47. TC Worley
48. Devin O'Brein
49.Neil Cary
50. Larry Kirch
51. Joe Clark
52. Jeff Henkenmeyer
53. Mark Benishek
54. Max Dingemans
55. Dan Steeves
56. Matthew Webb

Thanks again to all 88 of you that started the 7th riding of the Ragnarok 105.  Make sure to thank the sponsors on the right for the support.  Hope to see your card next year.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Post race download

Thanks again to all who showed up. It was a drizzly, cool morning so we weren't sure how many of the over 100 that hadn't already dropped would show up. 88 intrepid souls picked up numbers and would tackle the roads and whatever mother nature would dish out.

What would Mother Nature dish out? Within 15 minutes of the start there was lightning... Rain...eventually hail... And the temperatures were in the low 40s. As a race organizer/director it was a bit nerve wracking. (in a totally different way than if I was biking....I really don't want someone to die out there!)

There were lots of drops before the Zumbro Falls checkpoint as the cold rain, wind, and messy roads were wreaking havoc on bikes and brakes, as well as sucking the heat from anyone without the right clothing.

By the time folks were through ZF and onto Lake City the rain had stopped, but the wind hadn't. Luckily it was a mostly tailwind after the second checkpoint. 58 folks got to the LC checkpoint by the cut-off time. 56 would go on the finish all 107 miles.

Thanks again to:

- the riders - thanks for riding safe, riding hard, and inspiring. Those that didn't finish are no less inspiring.

- our families - you put up with us being gone while riding or driving the course or planning... You put up with us throwing money at something that is done only for the fun of it. It would be impossible to put on the event without your support.

- our swag sponsors - it always floors me that anyone would bother sponsoring our race. Yes we have an awesome course, but we suck at the promotion side of things. Thank you HED Wheels. Another sweet wheelset in the hands of a grateful rider. Twin Six and Angry Catfish brought bottles, socks, hats, shirts, etc. thank you!!!

- Angry Catfish - the tent and coffee was a godsend with the rain. It would have been a miserable registration process without it

- Red Wing Brewery - we got 20ish people checked in early. Thanks for hosting!

- MNGL - thanks for letting everyone take over your parking lots. Now about those bathrooms....

I know Jake was finalizing our chicken scratches into a list of final times and places, so it should be up in the next day or two (silly other homework).

In the next week or two we'll have a meeting about next year and if we have a date and any details we'll post up here.

Finally - if you have a blog and do a race write-up let us know in the comments. It's always fun to read about experiences out on the roads of the 'Rok.

Thanks again!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Race Day

Hey, just a couple points to make.

Remember you are on your own for this race.  Directors will not pick you up if you drop out.  Please, please, please be prepared for the worst.  Watch out for your fellow riders and act like good humans out there.  The roads are open so please obey all traffic laws.  You are not allowed to get support outside of the checkpoints.  We will have info for support crews if you have one.  We will give you contact numbers to call if you drop out.  Most important, THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE FUN, no matter what your reason is for riding do it for you and ride happy.  Also equally as important, you are responsible for you!

The golf course club house will be open around seven for bathrooms, but be prepared in case they are not open.  The last couple of times the club pro didn't show up on time.  If you are able to use the club house, be respectful!  Make sure to not track dirt in. 

Make sure to thank any sponsors listed on the side of the blog.  What they offer is worth finishing for. 

Sleep well, see you in the morning.....or if your in Red Wing tonight at Red Wing Brewery. 

For last minute information please follow facebook and twitter.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Updates and Information


So... it's been a while. Winter is still trying to improve the roads as I type... so far in Red Wing it has stayed fairly liquid with leanings towards ice... no real snow yet, so we'll see if the forecasts were close or not by the end of the day tomorrow.

Here is some important things to know leading up to next week.

1) Night before sign-in

The last few years we've been holed up at Wheelhouse Cycles on Friday night to check people in ahead of time. This is a good way to get an extra 30-40 minutes of sleep! Unfortunately Wheelhouse Cycles had to shut their doors, so we had to find a new location. With a new location comes a slightly new time.

Friday night check in will be from 8 pm - 9 pm at the Red Wing Brewery (1411 Old West Main St.). Really good pizza, and I hear the beer is pretty tasty as well.

2) Saturday Morning check-in

We'll be shooting to open up check-in at about 6:15 or so in the parking lot of Mississippi National Golf Links.

We'd like to start the ride at or around 7:30 am, so unless you're Mr. Tri we suggest getting to the golf course by 7:00 at the latest!

3) Notes on the Golf Course

We have use of the lower parking lot yet again (where we were two years ago, not last year). I'm guessing that the golf course won't be open by next weekend with the persistant cold and the deep frost, but I could be wrong. My guess is that if they aren't open for golf, that they may not be open for much else either. There is new "management" and I think they may have shut down the grill, and we've never had good luck getting bathrooms open. I'll post next week about the bathroom situation. There should be at least one porta-john but we may be able to improve that situation.

4) Roster 

Jake is keeping track of this (this is Isaac typing) and I'll have him get on here to update everything that isn't up to date.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Let us know if you aren't going to be able to make it so we can let in someone who can.

5) Tulip Notes

Same drill as previous years. If you are new to the gravel game, here is a primer that we've posted before. CLICK FOR KNOWLEDGE

6) Checkpoints

As in previous years, the cue sheets that you'll get at check-in will get you to checkpoint #1. At checkpoint #1 you'll get sheets to get you to checkpoint #2. At checkpoint #2 you'll get the cues to get you home. If you've done the race before, you'll recognize the checkpoints. Zumbro Falls, and Lake City will be your stops.

We will have cutoff times that you have to beat to get the next set of cues. They are as follows:

Zumbro Falls - 11:45 am
Lake City - 4:45 pm

Technically we want everyone to finish by 7:30, but if you get to LC by 4:45 that shouldn't be a problem.


I think that is it for administrative stuff. Post up if you have any other questions. Jake and I will be driving the course one last time to make sure that the counties haven't thrown us any curve balls. We'll post up on conditions and stuff this weekend.