Sunday, January 16, 2022

Ragnarok 105 2022 Rider List

Below is the rider list for the 2022 version of Ragnarok 105.  Below the rider list is the waitlist.  This will be order we will be contacting people on the waitlist as riders drop out.  If you're on the waitlist, stay in shape to ride.  In years past we have easily went through the whole wait list.  We may notify riders on the waitlist that they have a spot up to two days before the event to see if they would like to ride.   

The ride/race will be held April 2nd, 2022.  Be prepared for anything!  I don't know what pandemic regulations or the weather will bring.  Pay attention to emails and your email's junk box.  If you do not receive and email from us we either couldn't read your handwriting or something is incorrect.  It is important you contact us at so we can communicate the latest information regarding Ragnarok. 


Be prepared to complete the course all on your own.  There are convenience stores and other amenities along the course that will be sufficient for nutrition and hydration.  

We have not set the course yet, do not ask us for a course file... we do not provide one.  Do no use previous years files, you will go off course.  I know routes are posted on every platform out there, they will be incorrect. We will provide you with tulip notes (we will send an email explaining how to use them) that get you around the course.   

This is a free race, but we do spend money.  If you need to drop out let us know immediately.  If you do not contact us or no show on race day, we will not except your postcard ever again.  That seems harsh but there are plenty of riders that want your spot.  

DO NOT POACH OUR COURSE RACE DAY!  This is mostly for the safety of the riders participating.  If you know of someone planning to do so, please suggest they don't.  Give them your course notes or file after the ride so they can ride the route a different weekend.   

We will be emailing other information about the race.  In the mean time if you have a question that is dire, email us at the email above.  

We look forward to seeing you!

2022 Rider List

Achen Chap

Anderson Jon

Ayala Erin

Baetz Mike

Behrendt Brian

Belz Rob

Benjamin Kristine

Benton Joel

Braasch Grant

Braun Craig

Brendal Randy

Bruening Ben

Brummer Sam

Campbell Mike

Carroll Paul

Citrowske Terry

Clausen Ted

Cordes Ramon

Cox Ben

Cure Robert

Davis Jason

DeMars Joseph

Dingemans Max

Douglass Rob

Earley Ken

Eastlund Alan

Eklund Lukas

Ellis Robert

Elson Brandt

Enjinger Phil

Enzler Mark

Farrow Charlie

Ficatier Johanna

Fields Greg

Flynn Maren

Franzone Carolyn

Frusher Dan

Funke Dan

Gaffke Dustin

Gamble Josh

Garrett Jim

Grady Pat

Groseth Craig

Gruhn Leah

Gusa Zach

Haefemeyer Leo

Hansen Boyd

Harvey Amanda

Hathaway Eric

Haug Ryan

Haye Jeff

Hayes Charlie

Hayes Elena

Hest Robert

Hey Ben

Hippen Scott

Hoffmann Cory

Hop Angie

Hopkins Anders

Hotze Tim

Huster Jenny

Janisch Steve

Jarvis John

Jick Raymond

Karow Eddie

Kelly Chad

Kern Jon

Kershaw Jeremy

Kloekner Kierstin

Kremer Nathan

Lane Jon

Lehmkul Michael

Lemke Nicholas

Lindberg Gary

Loosen Ted

Marshall Steve

Marson Kesha

McCloskey Rachel

Mclaughlin Ann

Mealhouse Greg

Meulebroeck Scott

Millner Chad

Mohr Jere

Molnar Josh

Muyres Matt

Naef Dan

Nagel Matt

Nelson Daniel

Nelson Chris

Novak Daniel

Nygard Jonas

O'Laughlin Matt

O'Leary Claire

Ochs Rick

Olson Tina

Olstad Judy

Olvera Natalie

Oney Ben

Parsons Charles

Pollitt David

Prigge Ricki

Quinn Thomas

Rambow Meredith

Raygor Trenton

Riskedahl Jessica

Robinson Anthony

Rogers Cole

Santiago Jessica

Schmidt Cynthia

Schmidt Eric

Schneider Jay

Schuetz Justin

Seaburg Mark

Seipp Carrie

Selander Bjorn

Shad Charlie

Shanafelt  Todd

Sheedy Patrick

Sheldrake John

Shupe Jeff

Skoning Benjamin

Sobota Kyle

Sontowski Marc

Stenerson Matt

Stolz Michelle

Storm Danny

Strachan David

Stroeing Scott

Struntz Shaun

Sundby Scott

Sundstrom Eric

Suryadevar Prasanna

Swenka Ben

Talerico Dominic

Throlson Kent

Tri Charly

Ward Denise

Wark Chase

Watchmaker Todd

Watercott  Mike

Webb Matt

Weeks Isaac

Weeks Christian 

Weinzierl Andy

Westerman Marcus

Whipple Danny

Williams Robert

Wilson Kurt

Wolf Charles

Wood Luke

Zavyalov Innokenty

2022 Rider Waitlist

Hoven Matt

Courson Jim

Jungers Jake

Voltzke Brandon

Keller Paul

Wargin David

Jones Brian

Clark Joe

Link Larry

Myers Luke

Schluttner Eric

Batko Charles

Leisz Nick

Marsh Dustin

Pett David

Birkemeier Ryan

Loewenson Peter

Mauri Chip

Stepanik Brett

Zystra Ken

Rude Chris

Rasmussen Todd

Theis Dan

Cotter Shawn

Petru Joshua

Sohnle George

Anderson Justin

Lewis-Jones Brian

Padley Greg

Rauch Peter

Bode Brian

Ehlert Kevin

Liesse Tony

Kromer Dane

Groskreutz Michael

Carlson Tristan Pigpen

Greske Derek

Norrie Tim

Tuma Robert

Shanafelt Caruso

Warner Paul

Haan Lucas

Dahlgren Brett

Sibley Chris

Matthews Chris

Kvittem Brent

Applen Eric

Schoenbauer Ben