Monday, March 16, 2020

The 2020 'Rok has been indefinitely postponed

I doubt I need to go into any great detail here, but given national and international guidelines for groups/gatherings at the current time (and just looking as a human at the state of the world) it is looking highly likely that we will not be able to responsibly hold our event as planned in April.

This most likely means that we'll just have to do a reset and do everything again in 2021. If I find a nice big gap in my schedule that also jives with a gap in the "cycling calendar" I could maybe see trying to get in a Rok ride this year, but with a couple of young kids and crazy busy work (likely to get crazy busier) I wouldn't count on it.

What are the odds of a blizzard on or just before the 18th of April now? Oh well.

Be safe everyone and do what you can to prevent the spread of this virus (or any virus really). Thank you.