Monday, April 14, 2008

Official Results

# Rider Class Overall Class Z-Falls Goodhue Finish MPH
30 Brandt Elson M-O 1 1 11:31 AM 1:36 PM 3:40 PM 13.32
20 David Pramann M-O 2 2 11:31 AM 1:28 PM 3:41 PM 13.29
14 Joel Cahalan M-SS 3 1 11:31 AM 1:33 PM 4:04 PM 12.69
44 Larry Sauber M-O 4 3 11:48 AM 1:57 PM 4:17 PM 12.37
38 Brian Dukek M-SS 5 2 11:52 AM 2:15 PM 4:38 PM 11.89
33 Heath Weisbrod M-SS 6 3 11:31 AM 2:14 PM 4:52 PM 11.59
5 Grant Braasch M-O 7 4 11:55 AM 2:25 PM 5:00 PM 11.42
49 Dan Dittmer M-O 8 5 11:51 AM 2:25 PM 5:00 PM 11.42
50 Josh Peterson M-O 9 6 11:53 AM 2:45 PM 5:00 PM 11.42
3 Hurl Everson M-O 10 7 11:50 AM 2:31 PM 5:01 PM 11.40
43 Lonny Mahoney M-O 11 8 12:10 PM 2:37 PM 5:11 PM 11.20
32 Mark Muraski M-O 12 9 11:55 AM 2:37 PM 5:12 PM 11.18
17 Paul Haberman M-O 13 10 12:11 PM 2:39 PM 5:25 PM 10.94
40 Eddie Karow M-O 14 11 12:11 PM 2:39 PM 5:25 PM 10.94
37 Porter Million M-O 15 12 1:15 PM 3:51 PM 7:08 PM 9.30
45 Troy Lawrence M-O 16 13 12:25 PM 3:51 PM 7:08 PM 9.30
12 Scott Kinderman M-O 17 14 12:25 PM 3:51 PM 7:08 PM 9.30
27 Craig Braun M-SS

11:46 AM

23 Matt Lawrence M-O

11:46 AM

47 Pete Bell M-O

12:05 PM

34 Justin Pitts M-O

12:06 PM

10 Dave Meyer M-O

12:22 PM

2 Chris Skogen M-SS

12:25 PM

26 Pete Stock M-O

12:30 PM

48 Matt Muraski M-O

12:35 PM

8 Jeff Zipfel M-SS

1:10 PM

7 Z. Herringer M-O

1:34 PM

29 Susannah King F-O

1:34 PM

42 Shawn Jeppeson M-O

1:39 PM

15 Lonie Sauber M-O

1:39 PM

4 Calvin Bean M-O

1:47 PM

19 Rich Omdahl M-O

1:47 PM

51 Bryan Beck M-O

25 Jeff Zadra M-O

24 Andrew Petersen M-SS

39 JJ Robb M-SS

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ragnarök 2008 is in the freaking books!

Congrats to all who attempted this beast today. Weather today? about 28-30 at the start. Got all the way to maybe 36 or so. The wind never wavered from being stiff and from the North North West.

First finisher arrived at 3:41. Last three finishers arrived at 7:09. Awesome job by all who tried (except maybe Dave M. who needs to go to an orienteering clinic or two, eh... I guess you get a good job to Dave), the conditions definately made this ride/race a different animal.

Overall Champ - Brandt Elson
Men's SS Champ - Joel Cahalan

Big Attaboy to Porter, Troy and Scott. You were never more than about 30 minutes from missing cutoffs, but you kept that pace going the WHOLE day and finished strong! Way to be. Made me wish I could have been out there on the roads.

Tentative date (without consulting anything more than my computer calendar) for the second edition: 4/11/09.

Official results and some pictures to show up tomorrow probably sometime.

Before I forget. Thanks to our sponsors for providing some swag and support: The Route Bike Shops, Cars R Coffins, Surly, SPH Cycling Ltd. and Josh from Generation Outdoors.

Friday, April 11, 2008

T-minus about 12 freaking hours

Well, the weather isn't exactly ideal, and has caused many a racer to throw in the towel but we've still got potentially 45 crazies still in with a chance (I predict 30 or so starters max).

Very last post pre-race:

Weather - so far no appreciable (if any) snow has fallen on the course. It rained HARD last night and has been drizzly today. An inch or two of snow is in the forecast. Be prepared for a full day of sub 35-40 degrees and WET! Hypothermia is nothing to scoff at and we (the organizers) are not responsible for rescuing you if you get in trouble. You and only You (or maybe you and some friends who are riding together) are responsible for yourself.

Registration is in Colvill Park, in Red Wing, starting at 6:30. There are not any bathroom facilities open in the park, so if nature is going to call plan to drive to a convenience store or stop at one or McDonald's on the way into town. Sorry, but the race is free and renting a biffy is not in the budget. Also, it will probably be cold and wet sitting around before the race starts, so while I would prefer that everyone doesn't converge on the registration table at once, later might actually be better.

And finally.... to all racers - GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN, BE SAFE!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some final notes

Just a few days away. The weather looks crappy, but not COMPLETELY horrible. PLEASE please please be prepared for wet, windy, COLD weather. Some final notes:

  • A front and a rear light is required to be on at all times on the course.
  • A Helmet must be worn at all times progressing down the course.
  • You really should have a computer to help with navigation.
  • A fully charged cell phone is also a very good idea. You will need some way of contacting the outside world. We will not look for you if you don't make it to checkpoints.
  • Rain jackets/pants/whatever you need to traverse 100+ miles while in possibly drizzly, possibly windy, probably cold (think 35-40 degrees) weather.
PLEASE note that Colvill Park currently does not have any open bathrooms. As you head into town please take advantage of the many convenience stores or fast food joints to make that pit stop.

Here is a google link of key points - start and checkpoints

Some directions to Colville park (note that you'll want to go through town if you want to go to the bathroom):

Coming into Red Wing from the north on US Hwy 61

Once in or near Red Wing take Highway 61 through town towards the south.
Outside of town about 1.5 miles, you will want to exit the highway to the right (there is a sign for a city park).

(This is the first and only exit south of town on the 4 lane stretch. If you get to where the road goes back to 2 lanes, you just missed your turn. If you miss it, take the very next right hand turn into the correctional facility [MN 252], drive through the lot and keep going on that street. This will bring you back to the missed exit)

Take a right on the frontage road and another immediate right onto Nyphara lane.
At the bottom of the hill, take another right under the bridges.
Once in the park, keep to the right and look for the group of cyclists.

Coming into Red wing from the west or south on State Hwy 58

As you come into Red Wing, after the first stop light, the road will become two lanes at the bottom of a big hill.
Continue on this road as it heads towards downtown on Hwy 58/Bush street. Then you get to 7th Street, you will take a right onto 7th street

(There is a liquor store on the right and a Kwik Trip on your left.)

Take 7th street for about 1.5 miles.
When you can see Hwy 61 on your left, take a left onto Nymphara lane.
Take another left at the bottom of the hill under the bridges
Once in the park, keep to the right and look for the group of cyclists.

Coming into Red Wing from the south on US Hwy 61

As you approach Red Wing, Highway 61 will turn into 4 lanes.
Immediately after it becomes 4 lanes, take the exit on the left.
Take a right on the frontage road and another immediate right onto Nyphara lane.
At the bottom of the hill, take another right under the bridges.
Once in the park, keep to the right and look for the group of cyclists.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

T-minus less than one week

Well, Jake and I finally got out to ride the whole course yesterday. Conditions were about perfect (I should have had on sunscreen though!) and we can all only hope that they are close to as good next Saturday. Initial forecast for Saturday is slightly crummy with a chance of crappy. Hopefully the unreliable long range forecasts are unreliable. Regardless the course should be mostly firm for 95% of the way. Two sections of road are going to be pure slop at best (unless there is a deep freeze).

Some other tidbits before I forget:

- max descending speed - 39.8 mph (coasting... I'm a SSer)
- total dogs that ran out and chased us - about 10
- total dogs that actually seemed to care - .5
- number of weird looks from convenience store clerks - 1.75

One other surprise: There seemed to be decent cell coverage for most of the course actually. This is important if you have troubles or need to drop out etc. We (the organizers) will not be responsible for providing assistance in the event of something happening. You are responsible for getting yourself out of any trouble you might get into. Please have a plan if you need to drop out.